Is This How SOS Treats Addicts That Are Seeking Harm Reduction Supplies?


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – I decided I would request harm reduction supplies from the Shelter House’s SOS program. It did not go well and I was hung up on multiple times.
During my first phone call, which i regrettably did not record, I requested needles and crack pipes and informed the worker that there was a group of people using drugs and one of them had Hep-C.
I was told that they would not deliver any harm reduction supplies unless the SOS van was headed my way. I gave a location in Port Arthur. The staff member seemed, in my opinion to be rude and ill-tempered. He suggested we take a cab to the Shelter House to get supplies. I informed the worker that “we are crackheads and don’t have any money for a cab.
The worker, repeatedly refused to provide assistance  and then abruptly hung up on me. My thought was to see how the process worked for harm reduction supplies being delivered. Numerous people have told me that they have had the SOS Shelter House program deliver needles and crack pipes.
During the second call, I recorded, as I was in shock that they were refusing to provide the harm reduction supplies and was hung up on again. I repeatedly asked the man for suggestions on how to obtain the supplies. Once again his only solution was to take a cab.a
It’s hard enough for addicts to muster up the bravery to reach out for help. I feel like this was a missed opportunity for the SOS program to connect with addicts seeking help in which he could have not only provided harm reduction supplies to help prevent the spread of diseases/infections, but also provide pamphlets to addicts directly regarding how to start their journey to sobriety.
Note on their website it says they distribute harm reduction supplies as the community needs them.

The phone call is posted below. Thoughts?


5 Replies to “Is This How SOS Treats Addicts That Are Seeking Harm Reduction Supplies?”

  1. SOS is not a free delivery service that brings supplies whenever it best suits you. They are run on a tight budget. If you can afford your crack. Then you can afford a crack pipe.

  2. What kinda crackhead doesn’t have at least 5 back up pipes incase of dropping it, someone stealing it, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Amateur hour…..

  3. My god, I thought that phone call was a prank call. Are you serious you are a crackhead that can afford crack but can’t afford a crack pipe? damn. If you choose to live your life that way then that is your problem. And if you truly wanted help then I am sure SOS would gladly take you to a detox clinic.

  4. Don’t Advertise services if you are unable to provide them or atleast inform the public if there’s a specific delivery route or change in service. You’re right supplies are about making connections to professionals and resources, health care and safe disposal. No sympathy for the vulnerable in these comments. It takes a community to battle addictions. Missed opportunity for sos in my opinion.

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