Intercity Shopping Centre Stores Expected to Close Down Tonight


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In a bold and intelligent move, sources at the Intercity Shopping Centre have told us that stores in the mall are closing down tonight due to the Coronavirus COVID-19.

The mall initially decided to stay open and just remove seating from the food court.


The general public thanks whoever pushed for this common-sense response to a pandemic. It would be much better if the mall shut down entirely.

Malls don’t need to be open and are not an “essential service”. Sources indicate there is some “push back” as some stores want to stay open. Let’s see how it develops.

The mall houses different retailers that sell food, clothes, cut hair, jewellery etc. The nature of a mall makes transmission of a virus flourish.


UPDATE: Close to 60 stores have opted to close down temporarily.

Hopefully, everyone’s expensive rent is waived during the closure as well, otherwise, we might expect further retailers shuttering their doors at that location.

initially, we received numerous reports of stores closing down and were told the entire mall is expected to shut down tonight. Further investigation revealed that although many stores are closing down tonight, the mall is going to remain open, despite recommendations by health experts.


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  1. And to the idiots not doing self quarantine get on it!!! I have heard and seen several people returning from trips that are not doing it. Is it funny or a game? It could be someone you know that you kill.

  2. Close the liquor stores next. I bet we would have so many people withdrawling in this city maybe it would be time for them to wake up and smell the sober life

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