INJURY: Toddler Falls out of Shopping Cart


(THUNDER BAY, ON) –  Shoppers at a south side Metro grocery store have reported what every parent would consider a nightmare.
Today, shortly before 3:00 pm we have been told that a toddler fell out of a shopping cart and hit the floor hard.
Panicked 911 calls were made and staff at the store assisted the best they could.
The toddler seemed to be in a brief twitching-like state, similar to a seizure after the fall.
Paramedics with the Thunder Bay detachment of the Superior North EMS responded to the scene and transported the toddler to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further medical attention.
We were not able to obtain further information on the toddlers status at this point. The community is hoping for the best outcome.


3 Replies to “INJURY: Toddler Falls out of Shopping Cart”

  1. You cannot take your eyes off of little children for a second unless they’re tied down. They can get into a world of trouble in no time flat.
    Feel for the kid and parents. Hope there’s no permanent damage to the child.

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