(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in bail court this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station is 38-year-old Brad Edward Wayland DeBungee. Her Worship Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach is presiding, with assistant Crown Attorney Adriana Nigro and duty counsel Lianne Roberge.

DeBungee is sporting shoulder length, unkept dark hair, a black muscle shirt, and a shoulder tattoo. He is responsive but short in his answers.



June 1st, 2018 approximately 9:50 pm at a Wendy’s location on Memorial Ave, police were dispatched to the scene of two people fighting while heavily intoxicated. Upon police arrival, officers observed DeBungee exposing his penis and urinating on the glass of the bus shelter.

Officers conducted a CPIC check, which revealed DeBungee was currently wanted for breaching his probation order of “Keep the peace and be of good behaviour”. A further charge of breach of probation was added at that time.


DeBungee is facing a few charges from a June 1st, 2018 incident, they are as follows:

  • Indecent act in a public place contrary to 173 (1) (a) of the criminal code
  • Failure to comply with a probation order “Keep the peace and be of good behaviour” contrary to subsection 733.1 (1) of the criminal code

Furthermore, DeBungee has previous outstanding charges stemming from an incident in or around Kenora. The charge is a breach of probation which is dated 2014. An arrest warrant was issued, and DeBungee was arrested on that warrant on April 18th, 2018, in which he was released.

DeBungee does not remember being arrested and released in April. He also missed his court date May 29th, 2018, which was set to move forward his breach of probation charge.


DeBungee also has an outstanding charge of “uttering threats” which also stems out of the Kenora region.


The crown is prepared to release DeBungee on his own undertaking, however, he will be under the same conditions as his last release, with a few more. The existing conditions from his Kenora release are as follows:

  • Not to contact 1 person
  • Not to attend with 100m of where that person resides/work
  • Not to attend 534 Parks Street in Kenora (LCBO)
  • Not to possess any weapons

The crown is set to release DeBungee on a new undertaking, without cancelling his previous form of release stemming from Kenora. This would keep his Kenora charges in Kenora court, and his Thunder Bay charges in Thunder Bay court.

The conditions on DeBungee’s Thunder Bay-based undertaking is as follows:

  • Not to possess or consume alcohol
  • Not to attend anywhere where there principle purpose of which is the dispensing of alcoholic beverages.

Duty counsel speaks to the alcohol prohibition, noting that during a discussion with DeBungee this morning, he indicated that he struggles with the no alcohol condition.

DeBungee resides at the Shelter House, so duty counsel suggests a “keep the peace and be of good behaviour” as a condition instead of a no alcohol condition since the release cannot be crafted with the “no alcohol outside his residence” as the Shelter House does not allow the use of intoxicating substances on the premises. This idea is shot down.

Her Worship Issues Order

Her Worship Maslach explains to DeBungee how his release conditions in Kenora is still active, and he has to follow those conditions.

DeBungee is asked if he remembers when his court date is in Kenora, he admits he does not know. Her Worship reminds him to find out when it is, as he may face a “fail to appear” charge if he does not show up.


DeBungee’s former release conditions from his arrest in Thunder Bay in April 2018 which he was released on a promise to appear, which he doesn’t remember, has been cancelled and he is now being released on his own undertaking, which is a higher form of release than a promise to appear.


His new undertaking has his newest charges and his breach from 2014. DeBungee’s release conditions as the crown set them out are granted. Her Worship stresses to DeBungee that the no alcohol condition “No bars, no booze can”. DeBungee indicates he understands.

DeBungee is set to return to court in Thunder Bay on June 26th, his release papers are faxed over to the Thunder Bay Police Service and he is released a short time after.