(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A woman is without her fathers warm winter jacket and keys after a thief struck and swooped the jacket away.

Natalia Buol said that she was at the McDonald’s on Memorial and Central around 8:45 pm this evening when she had become the victim of a theft.


“Unfortunately my dad’s winter jacket, hat and keys were stolen. This happened tonight at 8:45 pm @ McDonald’s (Memorial and Central) If you can identify the man please contact me. The jacket was a gift( sentimental value) and it has his original keys.” Buol said.

The jacket, as she stated, is very important to her and she would appreciate anyone that could identify this man, so that the jacket and keys may be returned.

Any information regarding this incident, Buol asks, for people to message her on Facebook. Her profile is in the screenshot below.


You can also reach out to TRCCTB.COM, and we will pass the information along to her. Let’s get this jacket returned to it’s rightful owner, Thunder Bay.

Theft is an ever increasing issue in Thunder Bay, whether it be petty theft or armed robberies of people and corner stores. These “crimes of opportunity” are overwhelmingly directly linked to drug-seeking behaviour from the rampant addiction issues Thunder Bay is facing.

If you or someone you know has a drug addiction and needs help, please reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre to begin your/their path to recovery. Their telephone number is 807-684-1880



  1. Pino you should share that number again in its own article. Addictions are truly growing and makes people unpredictable. This guy couldn’t affford a coat of his own and even though it has centimental value it’s really keeping this guy warm tonight. All he needs now is winter boots and he’s good for the winter.

    1. I’m sure the red bull and potato chips he stole from my stole across the street from this location last week kept him warm as well. I tried to call the cops about this guy to make a example of of him.. cops did nothing. Stealing clothing from people is wrong, no matter the means.

    2. @Loops – your logic is bewildering! There are LEGAL avenues to obtain necessities of life – stealing is not one of them!

    3. Chill out. I never said it was ok. But really it’s a jacket and bag of chips. I commented on a CRA scam where millions of dollars were stolen and nobody said a thing. This guy is obviously in need. And that’s it. And hey kid if if you read this. It’s not ok to steal.

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