Identify This Car Hopper Caught on Camera


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s no surprise to anyone when a vehicle is ransacked and looted for any contents of value in the city these days. Last night was no different.
Jay Phillips has reached out for help in identifying this thief and hopefully get his items back that were stolen from his vehicle last night.
The incident occured on Brown Street last night at 12:50am. He tells us that two bags of his art supplies were lifted from his vehicle in a brazen theft that all too often occurs in our city.

“One bag is a black Dakine cooler bag and the other is a samsonite carry on travel bag. Aprox 30 cans of graffiti paint, gloves, mask, caps, and about 30 custom made stickers that say “wick”. My centre console was also emptied contained change and more custom stickers, a small pouch with markers, smokes, a leatherman knife, multi screwdriver, and random receipts.”
“This thief was caught on video in my car for about 10 min or so .. the video is not of good quality because the city recently did work on my block and disconnected the street light so it’s extremely dark on our block.”

Police have been contacted and have all of the video.
If anyone sees any of Jay’s things, he asks that you please contact the police at 807-684-1200 or Crime Stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous through their website at
Video and photos of stolen stuff below.

“These are the type of stickers that were taken. Most have my name on them “Wick”.”

“The mess that was left for me this morning. :(”

“This is a photo of my recent paint purchase. Everything in this photo was taken plus more.”

“This is my paint mask that was also taken.”