Identify this bubbler thief who pulled off a heist at a local shop.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As we are in the middle of the first month in the new year, small business owners are combating an ever rising issue of theft in Thunder Bay.

A local shop, loved by many, hated by none, has been the victim of yet another theft. TrixXx has lost product due to theft once again.


The brazen mastermind can be seen on camera, casually eating and misleading the store clerk before he pulls off the big dirty. He is known as “Slim” around town.

Although the camera quality is less than spectacular, there is hope that a REAL Concerned Citizen can identify this thief. If that identification is done through Crime Stoppers, and your tip leads to a criminal conviction, you may be eligible for some cash money for helping make our world a bit safer.


This is not the first theft that TrixXx has dealt with, they have been victimized over and over again by numerous different thieves. It has been acknowledged time and time again in the Thunder Bay Courthouse by numerous Judge’s that a overwhelming majority of the crime committed in Thunder Bay is spawned from addictions issues that have run out of control.


If you or anyone you know can identify the person in this video, please reach out to the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200. If you would rather remain anonymous and collect a reward for your tip, you can do so by reaching out to Crime Stoppers through their website at

Help take a bite out of crime.

Video and photo credit TrixXx


2 Replies to “Identify this bubbler thief who pulled off a heist at a local shop.”

  1. If store clerks are dumb enough not to at least keep a baseball bat behind the till/counter then it will only keep up . Liberals or no Liberals , quit taking all the crap from riff-raff !

    1. If they even swing a bat at a theif, they will get charged. The criminals in Canada have more rights than the people they rob and they know it.

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