Identify This Break and Enter Suspect


(ANONYMOUS) – This is a warning to those living in the Algoma District. I live in the 100 Block of Algoma Street South and was sitting down at my computer when at 2:30 am (Thursday) I hear a loud BANG, like a metal on metal sound. Something really hard sounded like it hit the door handle of my front door (which is a secured front entrance door, not my actual apartment door). AS SOON as I heard it I knew what it was because this is the 5th time since last spring we had an attempted break and enter at our apartment building.

I ended up waking up my husband and passed him the Gun, he took the bear mace and I held the phone and dog mace in my hands ready for things to get ugly, expecting to see the person standing at the front door still trying to get in. In the process of us putting some outdoor gear on, it happened again, but this time louder than before. And the first time was LOUD.

We left our unit and walked to the front door, however no one was there. They ran away. My neighbour who lives directly beside me woke up and she was scared by the noise as well. She lives in the front part of our building and she heard someone trying her window in the process.


I got on the phone and dialed the non-emergency number for the police and was transferred to an operator at TBPS, and she asked me if I wanted the cops to come here to do a report. I said “no” since the person was gone and I have no description of the person/people doing it.

I told her to have the police patrol the neighbourhood, and they did because I saw them circle around the block a few times and throughout this area. That’s when my husband went outside and waved them down and we ended up talking to them. They knew who I was via the call from the police station and took a statement and did the best they could do. They drove off but I’m terrified. My spouse is right angry and, well, so am I. The person who attempted to break and enter used what I believe to be a crowbar. Our door has a latch security protector plate and it’s all bent out of shape and it wasn’t prior.

Whoever you are, I’m onto you. We all are. And the police are looking for you. I’m submitting the surveillance as soon as our landlord gets ahold of it to this website, to the cops, and for my personal records. You will be blasted online, and even if you’re wearing dark clothes or anything to cover your face, that’s okay. Because if you try this again, and I will KNOW by the sound, you’ll end up in a mess for the ambulance to come pick up and take you to the hospital. You will regret the day you met us.


Stay safe, Thunder Bay. Sleep with a bat. Do what you can to save yours and your family’s life. And do not hesitate to call the police. They are excellent and will be there for you when you need them. They’ve always been here for me, and they’ll work with you if you work with them.

Anyone who can identify this crook is asked to contact police at 684-1200.


2 Replies to “Identify This Break and Enter Suspect”

  1. It’s unfortunate that the POS wasn’t present when you guys went down there.
    I hope to hear more and more stories like this from residents taking our city back.
    Good job!

  2. Calling the non emergency line was a mistake.. best to get in touch with the proper channels asap. Not sure about all the grand standing, but hopefully it deters one of these asses from trying it again.

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