Hunter Radford Alleged To Be Beating Women Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In a heartfelt and emotional social media post, Teanna Faith speaks out about the abuse she is alleging she faced at the hands of 19-year-old Hunter Radford.

“…We got drunk & got into a fight, we went outside…” “…All i remember is being hit so hard to where i was knocked out cold for a good 30 seconds.” Teanna Faith stated.

She continues stating “I remember my mom screaming and shaking me asking if i was okay. I have full evidence of my health record of last night. I have a concussion and a broken eardrum.”

Teanna says that her mother was present during the situation and observed in horror as the events unfolded. “My mom seen the whole thing. He went after my mom multiple times to where my mom was actually scared of him & ran in the house and had to lock the doors.”

“I had to be helped by paramedics. I’m truly disgusted that hunter would do this to me after all I’ve done and put up with. I am pressing charges and I am seriously warning other females…. STAY. THE. F**K. AWAY.” Teanna pleads to the public.

In closing, Teanna stated this “I’m a 16 year old 5’2 girl. this man is 6’3 and weighs like 200 pounds. He is a disgusting waste of space.”

Hunter ran into myself, Pino Demasi, at a Fort William First Nation gas station. He became immediately verbally abusive towards me but when I approached him to confront him on his issue, he appeared to hide behind a car door and did not come up to me. He was quick to jump back into the car and close the door when I got close. It would seem he is only tough when getting aggressive with small females.

Hunter has known ties to Scotlund Crompton, the male alleged to have beaten a senior citizen last year.

This isn’t Hunter’s first charge for beating a woman, below we have linked his previous charge where he is alleged to have conducted himself in a similar manner.

Scotlund Crompton Articles

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8 Replies to “Hunter Radford Alleged To Be Beating Women Again”

  1. Real tough guy. Lmao. Only a piece of S#%t wimp hits a woman. I bet he would run and cry if he had to confront a man. Lock him up and let the guys in jail take care of this tough guy. He will be on his knees crying and then some.

    1. He’ll be on his knees alright but he won’t be crying. He’ll be attending to his jailhouse b!tch duties. He’ll be slapped around and passed around like a cheap bottle of Kelly’s.

  2. Teanna….send Rhonda Rousey a social media text and see if she’s able to come to Thunder Bay and have her take Hunter on a special date that he’ll never forget!

  3. First problem is this guy is a piece of dirt. Second problem is a 19 year old male with a 16 year old female.

    1. and– this female is said to be 16, she said they were drinking…someone is suppying this teen with alcohol.
      he could aso be charged with that.

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