(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A home in the 300 block of Windsor Street was the victim of a brutal break and enter. The address is just a stone’s throw from the notoriously criminal laden 288 Windsor Street complex.

A 49-year-old Lance Alexander DePerry is facing charges stemming from three recent incidents. The Thunder Bay Police Service had 3 warrants for the arrest of DePerry(Wanted Wednesday was recently scaled down). DePerry appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station.


Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding, along with Crown Attorney VanKessel and duty counsel lawyer Lianne Roberge.

The first charge was spawned from a September 15th incident on Windsor Street:

  • Break & enter with intent to commit an indictable offence

More charges spring out from a November 3rd incident:

  • Uttering death threats to a woman
  • Assaulting that same woman

And the most recent, from November 25th is:

  • Robbery

The Crown tells the court that DePerry is in a Crown-onus situation, but they intend to show cause as to why DePerry should be held in jail. Concerns regarding releasing DePerry are based on the secondary grounds.

Secondary grounds means the Crown believes that the accused is unlikely to return to court, likely to re-offend, likely to become a public safety concern, likely to interfere with the administration of justice, or any combination of any of those.

The Crown requests a no-contact order be placed on DePerry, in regards to the female victim.

Duty counsel requests the matter be remanded to tomorrow, Monday November 26th in a Thunder Bay courtroom so that DePerry has time to contact the legal counsel of his choice.

The Justice of the Peace grants both requests, being the no-contact order and the remand into custody. DePerry is sent back to his jail cell at the police station where he will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay District Jail.



January 2010 in Thunder Bay Lance Deperry was charged with the drug-related and violent kidnapping of a 45-year-old man. DePerry’s co-accused were Tho Truong, Steven Lesson, Emilio Bisignano, Rodney Wabanoose David Ferguson and Donna Taylor Jones.

The numerous kidnapping and assault offences police laid were the result of a situation at the Sea Vue motel on Cumberland street.

Leeson was found guilty of aggravated assault x3, unlawful confinement, choking the victim with a seatbelt, kidnapping, using a firearm and assault causing bodily harm. He was credited for 39 months in pre-sentence custody, although he only served 19 months. Judge Helen Pierce credited him 2 days for every day actually served. His overall sentence was 9 years.

The incident included a serious of encounters where DePerry and others conducted with their 4 victims who were kidnapped repeatedly, assaulted, intimidated, and being bound with duct tape and transported inside hockey bags over and over.


Some of the victims had their finger(s) cut off by the accused for “talking out of turn” or not trafficking enough drugs.


All of the victims were low-level drug dealers that worked for the organized crime group DePerry was apart of.

Police were called to a residence in Thunder Bay on January 20th, 2010. They were advised that a man was kidnapped and further investigation revealed he was being held at the Sea Vue Motel.

The admitted facts claim that the victim and his then-girlfriend had been staying at a friends house when up to three men arrived in the morning and began assaulting him.


He was then bound with duct tape, stuffed in a hockey bag and taken to the Sea Vue Motel.

A total of 3 men and 1 female were kidnapped, confined and assaulted during various incidents. All of the males had fingers or parts of fingers cut off by the accused.

David Alexander Ferguson and Donna Taylor Jones had their charges withdrawn.



  1. In all honesty thought – I know what this scum did was bad, but he shouldn’t of stopped with the one guy, by just cutting off his finger.
    Because that POS didnt learn from what happened and is still going hard, destroying peoples lives.

  2. DePerry is one of the worst humans, I use the word loosely, he has been trouble for many years, Stoney should be his permanent address. And throw the key away…….no questions asked

  3. Hope he goes to jail and stays in there, this guy’s a goof he got my spouse jumped for no reason and took all our money. Lance doesn’t deserve to be walking on the streets.

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