HOME INVASION: Cameron Street – The Home Intruder RETURNS


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday at around 4:00 pm a woman that was clearly high out of her mind on drugs had entered a home on Pacific Ave, startling the residents that reside there. She was quickly shoo’d away and that was that, or so people thought.

Shortly after we broke this news, it was determined that the man of the house had his wallet swiped by the dastardly invader.


We now have reports that around 5:30 pm this same woman had entered a home on Cameron Street via the same fashion, the back door. The 90-year-old woman who was in the residence started screaming in an attempt to stop the rude intruder, but to no avail.

The ballsy home invader had now pushed the 90-year-old woman violently on her way out the door after scooping up numerous items of value, including a hefty amount of jewelry. A man noticed the commotion and seen the woman running out of the home and decided to pursue the woman, but he was no match for a woman high on drugs with stolen property, he lost her.

This same woman, the home intruder now upgraded to the home invader, had also attempted to get into another woman’s house just moments before this senior citizen was brutally violated. Shaking and screaming in horror, the innocent senior citizen’s life has been changed forever.


Witnesses describe the home invading, senior citizen assaulting suspect as:

  • Female.
  • Aged mid-20’s.
  • Medium build.
  • Indigenous.
  • Blue jeans with rips in them.
  • Black spring-type jacket.
  • Long hair that was in a single ponytail.

Police have been called and are working the case. Share this article to keep your neighbourhood informed. Please lock your doors and call the police if you suspect someone is in your home or attempting to gain unlawful entry.



2 Replies to “HOME INVASION: Cameron Street – The Home Intruder RETURNS”

  1. This massage is for all Thunder Bay citizens. You have to wonder why is this city experiencing a rise in property crimes and a rise of all around bad drugs and gang activity. In the past 15 years, the justice system has allowed the local authorities to flex their powers to clean the city of all (local grass root dealers). And they succeeded which open the door to out of town dealers. These local dealer where probably not liked but they did not bring in all that these hasher drugs that we cant really call drugs but a poison that is taking over our streets and killing our citizens. These gang members are more violent and carry guns most of the time. This is now can of worms that agents cannot closed and only going to get worse with time. Thunder Bay always had a lot junkies and somehow they seem to be able to get money for their habits. Where there is money there is always gangs willing to get it at all cost. It is unfortunate that live are lost but the Toronto/Ottawa/etc are not going to stop as they now know that Thunder Bay is up for grabs and they will not stop until they get it….

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