HOME INVASION: 93-year-old Woman’s House Invaded


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A very alarming incident unfolded this evening in the city’s north end.

A 93-year-old woman was home alone when someone kicked in her back door.


The male suspect ransacked her bedroom and made off with some jewelry and some other items of value.

The woman was terrified and just stayed out of the aggressive perps way, hoping and praying he would not harm her.

Once the suspect left the home, the woman dialled 911 and family. Police are investigating.


The incident happened near Cumberland and Clarke. Anyone in the area is urged to keep safety in mind. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again tonight.

The suspect was wearing a grey hoodie. Stay safe Thunder Bay.


8 Replies to “HOME INVASION: 93-year-old Woman’s House Invaded”

  1. I bet if they checked the local trap house over on Egan st, they would of caught him.
    My mother’s house is in the same area.
    She got robbed and walked in on them doing it.
    She called the police and they went to the drug den and caught both girls who did it, with the items they took still in their possession.

  2. How cowardly to violate the home of a very old lady. She was likely petrified from fear. Thankfully she was physically unharmed. However, she’ll likely never get over this callous intrusion, nor will she ever feel safe in own home again.

    Hope the crack head creep is caught and get’s his stern lecture in court, then released to do it all over again…..

  3. Cowards! Why don’t you come and kick in my door? I promise I won’t hide and cower! I will however call 911 for you and state I am concerned for your safety and well being as you seem to be suffering from some type of serious injury!

  4. At what point do we draw the line and start to “take care” of these parasites from our city?? This crap has gotten far out of hand .A 93 Yr old woman? I wish that was my Grandma and i was there at that time.This piece of shit would be in a body bag.Plain and simple……..
    We need to take our city back from this cockroach infestation.

    1. We need to all chip in on a large sack of Fentanyl.
      Drop it off at the local drug den and let the lord do the rest.

  5. It is bad enough when they go into a corner store to rob it but to invade a little old lady’s home and terrify her that is something else. I feel sorry for the old soul as she must have been scared silly I know I would have been and I am a lot younger then her. Think it is time for the judges to start cracking down on these losers and put them away where they belong not just a slap on the wrist and set them free. Such a beautiful city we HAD now nothing but a slime pit for all the druggies and drunks in town. Our boys in blue do the best they can and seem to get them quickly but when all is said and done and they get to court which can take a long time they seem to get nothing but a slap on the wrist and sent off to start all over again. God Bless our city because we really need it is all I can say. Stay safe everyone and pray for the best for our once beautiful city.

  6. I agree with most comments by all and i also make a note that if not for Mr Pino and his brave reports we would still be left in the dark. He now faces charges for telling the trueth and the news. We all reader need to chip in to help his courtcase so we can continue to know whats going on in our city

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