Home Intruder: Woman High on Drugs


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As the abortion debate rages on across the internet in North America today, one woman is just stumbling around high out of her mind trying to figure out what she is doing.

A family home on Pacific Avenue was entered today by a random woman around 4:00 pm. The couple who reside in the residence were both home at the time, the woman was in the living room while the man was in the garage.


The woman heard the door to the home open and close but did not think much of the noise as her significant other was in the backyard and she believed it was likely him.

At this point the woman glanced over into the kitchen and seen an unidentified female standing at the door to the master bedroom, staring into the room with a dazed glaze in her eye. The female resident quickly informed the woman that she was in the wrong home. The intruder stumbled around and made incoherent noises.

It was at this point that the homeowner started screaming “GET THE F**K OUT OF MY HOUSE” at which point the intruder darted out the backdoor and jumped the fence, galloping off into the abyss. The intruder was clearly high on some drug.


The intruder is described by the family of the home as:

  • Aged mid-20’s.
  • Medium build.
  • Long dark hair that was in a single ponytail.
  • Indigenous.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Navy blue and black spring style jacket.

Police were not called as the suspect had fled the scene rapidly, the family didn’t see a need for police to become involved. Anyone who lives in the area is asked to stay alert of randoms who may enter their property or attempt unwanted entry into their home. (UPDATE: Police were later called as the man’s wallet was missing)

The homeowners are shaken up and are taking this chance to share their experience with the public in hopes more people learn the need to always lock your doors, even when home. This situation could have turned out differently had the intruder become violent.


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  1. Well the homeowner should have contacted police and reported it for the safety of the rest of the public should this female continue this behavior. What if she stabs the next homeowner whose house she enters , then her identity becomes vitally important doesn’t it. Being unlawfully in someones home is a serious thing despite the “condition” of the culprit. Lets think about the safety of everybody and call the police. If you in particular don’t want charges thats your choice , but for the good of the public at large the police should have been called and given the opportunity to at least find and identify this female for the future. Not to mention what she may be wanted for already. Want a safer city , then do your part , as frustrating as it can be………..

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