HIGHWAY COLLISION: Trans Canada Near Terry Fox


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A collision has cocured on the Trans Canada Highway right out front of the Terry Fox Monument.

A Jack-knifed tractor trailer is resting in the area between the westbound lanes and east bound lanes.


The transport and its load was headed west when it appears something went wrong, resulting in the tractor trailer slamming into the ditch.

Ontario Provincial Police along with Superior North EMS were on scene, sorting out the situation. A heavy lift tow truck is expected to remove the wreck from where it lies.

Nobody has been reported as sustaining any life threatening injuries due to the collision.


If you have any additional photos of this incident, please email them to tips@trcctb.com

Photo Credit: Hal Adams


7 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Trans Canada Near Terry Fox”

  1. There’s a perfect example that tractors crash everywhere not just on 102 so to everyone that thinks 102 is the problem give your a head a shake and realize this s**t happens all over

    1. You mean it is not 102? I thought all the truck accidents happened there.

      We really need to be more tolerant of truck drivers. They bring us almost everything we need.

  2. When a car hits the ditch or rolls over on the highway how come no one causes a scene about that… could still kill someone sane as a truck. No one ever thinks about that or what?

  3. This is an example of why you need more portable scales, with that street sweeper on the back of the trailer I highly doubt 60% of the weight is forward. Those trailers never should have been loaded like that. I hope the driver in the shipper take huge heat for this.

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