(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have received tips informing us of a vehicle that has left the highway and ended up in the ditch.

Ontario Provincial Police are on scene of what appears to be a single vehicle collision on Highway 61.


The collision happened sometime around 7:30 pm on Highway 61 between Arthur and the Harbour Expressway.

A single police cruiser is on scene along with a few civilian vehicles, likely witnesses or friends/family of the person(s) involved in the incident.

Motorists are asked to avoid the area if at all possible. If you must pass through, please slow down and move to the lane legally furthest from the incident.


TRCCTB.COM would like to remind citizens to drive safe and pay attention to the road. Distracted driving penalties went up today, so please put your phone down.


5 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Highway 61”

    1. It’s a heads up, so people can avoid the area or slow down and give space and respect to those attending to the scene. It’s the law to slow down and move over for EMS/police. It’s also a reminder that people need to slow the f down cause it’s slippery and cold outside. Angry it got posted? Then don’t read, comment and move along.

  1. I’m so not surprised. So many of the people heading down hwy. 61 drive like nutcakes. Been witness to the madness so many times, and have been trolled online by them for driving according to conditions. Perhaps there were other circumstances here, but I’d bet it had something to do with aggressive driving.

    1. Marlene, are you the driver that sits 1″ away from the steering wheel with a cushion propped up behind you that does 50km down the hwy? It’s people like you that are the cause of more accidents than anyone else out there.
      The roads on the expressway are horrific. That’s probably what caused this.
      I’d like to see the statistics on the accidents in our area since the road maintenance was privatised.

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