HIGHWAY COLLISION: Highway 61 Car Rolls About 3 Times


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious highway collision has jammed up Highway 61 near the turn off for Fort William First Nation.

The two vehicle collision called for a response from the Ontario Provincial Police, Superior North EMS as well as the Thunder Bay Fire Rescue.

No serious injuries were reported, we heard someone got a cut on their head and another person complaining of shoulder pain. Nothing life-threatening is expected.

OPP have arrested one person for impaired driving.

Tow trucks are either on location or enroute to help clear the mess.

CN Rail just lost their final chance to appeal and delay the repairs to the James Street Swing Bridge. Once the bridge is reopened, it should divert numerous vehicles off the highway and back into city streets.

Anyone else with phtoos of this or other collisions is asked to send them to us through Facebook or to email our newsroom directly at tips@trcctb.com

Photo Credit Craig S-S and Anonymous.


2 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Highway 61 Car Rolls About 3 Times”

  1. I wouldn’t plan on two lanes on the bridge. Maybe if all three chipped in, yes. Only says they have to maintain a bridge. Does not say how many lanes. Only hope they install cameras to catch those who do it next time. Maybe the stories will be proven right.

  2. The issue with traffic at this intersection is not because of the intersection but rather because of the crazy drivers heading out to the reservation for smokes and gas. I travel through here daily and can’t believe the number of people who simply don’t know how to drive on the highway. They can’t merge and seem to be unable to drive at highway speeds. I really don’t care if the swing bridge is reopened, but it should divert some of the drivers who are obviously unable to drive on the highway.

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