HIGHWAY COLLISION: Highway 102 / Dawson Road


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another light snowfall has resulted in yet another Dawson Road / Highway 102 collision.

The tractor trailer involved collision has the unit appearing to be up on a guardrail, teetering on a hill.


This occurred roughly 4 kilometres from Sistonens Corner, where Highway 102/Dawson Road meets the Trans Canada Highway 11/17.

Ontario Provincial Police along with Kaministiquia Fire Rescue are on location working out the situation.

Roughly 5 guardrail posts are destroyed and diesel fuel appears to be spilling/split at the scene.A tow truck has been dispatched to begin the cleanup.


Please, you are asked to avoid the area while first responders are working on location. If you must pass through, please do so safely and leave lots of room between you and humans working on the road.

Update: 9:50 pm: A tow truck has arrived on location and is working to remove the unit.

Please remember to MOVE OVER for first responders working on the roadway.

Injuries are unknown at this point. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit: Jay M. Michelle R. And Anonymous


7 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Highway 102 / Dawson Road”

  1. How many is it going to take….get them off this highway already..quite delaying this as we are so lucky people are not being killed in all these. As usual this is a very notorious section. Get the new DTR up and running.

  2. before or after this spot could have landed in the Kam or on the railway tracks. SHUT IT DOWN, 9 crashes 1 dead just since Oct. …zero on transcanada through KB! Cut the speed back to pre 1980’s which was 80 kph!!

  3. About 15 years ago, watched a tractor trailer unit jacknife in almost the exact same spot under similar conditions.

  4. Is that not the “nice” part of 102 ? Not seeing much different in design between that area and 11/17 (ie, the KB route).
    Methinks this accident was purely driver error and could have happened anywhere.
    Hwy 102 is a provincial Kings Highway, exactly the same as 11/17.
    The “Trans-Canada” is just a route name.. nothing to do with highway designations.

  5. Laughable the people that still harp to take the truck traffic off of 102. This is a provincial highway, trucks are allowed to use the highways. Accidents happen, If you don’t like that, maybe you should stay home. A better idea is maybe quit building your homes along the side of a highway.

  6. That bridge can ice up pretty quickly. Many years ago I was heading towards Thunder Bay (going downhill for those that aren’t familiar with this area) and hit black ice on that bridge. I ended up going sideways and bounced off the snowbank. Luckily I was the only one on the road at that time..

  7. News Flash!! ALL bridges are slippery at that temperature. Also Dawson Road/Highway 102 has ALWAYS been highway. To those complaining **you bought your house on a highway** and I’m sorry you don’t like it but it’s been a highway since the first house ever built on that road. Just because you don’t like transport trucks doesn’t mean Hwy 102 gets to turn into another Rosslyn Road. It will never be Rosslyn Road 2.0 so everyone needs to come to terms with the fact that Hwy 102 is a HIGHWAY.

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