Highway 102/Dawson Road Collision – Transport Involved


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another transport has left the road on the infamous Highway 102/Dawson road corridor.

The incident was first reported to TRCCTB.COM last evening, and we have finally got a photo thanks to Thomas M.


City council has voted to move all cross country transports from Arthur and Dawson, to the trans-Canada highway.

It appears that at least one more truck has spilled into the ditch, between Mud Lake Road and Auto road.

We are uncertain if any injuries have been sustained during the incident. It also appears as tho no other vehicles were involved, we are waiting on confirmation.


Please drive carefully when travelling through the area.


12 Replies to “Highway 102/Dawson Road Collision – Transport Involved”

    1. It’s ridiculous already I’m haulin from English river & there’s trucks in the ditch everywhere so it’s not just a Dawson rd problem!

  1. How about an oncoming vehicle crowding the yellow line maybe an oncoming vehicle with highbeams on and failing to dim and maybe an animal in the middle of the road any multitude of reasons besides speeding or falling asleep.

  2. you guys seem to think this is a thunder bay Dawson road problem, i can assure you there’s accidents right through Canada, nobody can help that , sometime its weather related sometime its operator related and sometime its also the cars fault, you cant get away from the facts that accidents happens Dawson road or not. congesting hwy 17 wont help people it will just make things worst, all your doing is putting more traffic on a single road instead of two.

  3. How about deferring trucks to the actual new expressway that was built for them, people live on this road and shouldnt have to worry about images like this while walking

    1. The government cheaped out on the new highway it was supposed to be a 4 lane highway to carry heavy traffic but they made it In adequate and highway 102 was built for trucks to bypass Thunder Bay and always has been a truck route, I’m not sure why if someone isn’t prepared to deal with trucks on a truck route why they would buy or build a house on one.

  4. Hi: life is a highway , and not scared and for a 40years I have been in trucking industry for 40 yearsfrom loading/unloading to dealing with drivers and customers to repairing and to be running a transport repair shop and times have changed to unreal situations check out transport driver training in SASK. when I seen that fear really came upon me the guy did not even have an idea how to hookup to a trailer????????? check it. now this is a problem for EVERYONE! not just dawson road So If the oliver paipoonge mayor had not unsucessfuley? got MTO to change the harbour xprs to what it is now this issue would not be NOW

  5. That is a bad sweeping blind corner…many accidents in that exact spot and fatality’s also. There is a sweeping corner with a high rock cut on either side right to the road line basically…it’s shaded and snow often blows onto highway from top of the cuts and creates a black ice condition. Slight camber issue as well but not near as bad as the Kam River Bridge hill as east bound are essentially pushed into oncoming west bound and very slippery also. Don’t know what caused this one…but it’s not near a first.

  6. It just seems that more of these semi-truck drivers are not as good as the ones 10 years and more ago. These newer drivers are assholes, and I have seen them make some pretty stupid driving moves on the open highways and even in the city. Tailgating, crowding highways by driving over the yellow line(s). Some just don’t have the skill that those drivers from days gone by.

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