Heavy Police Presence: Simpson and Rowand


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A strong police presence was felt on a busy south side street shortly before midnight after gunshots rang through the neighbourhood.
Numerous officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were spotted in the area of Simpson Street and Rowand Street. Some even had body armour and large firearms with them.
Citizens in the area have told us that police whisked them away from the area, telling them to stay clear.

We are uncertain of the area police have blocked off or why it is blocked off. This area is littered with various trap houses from various southern Ontario gangs.
A trap house is typically a residence that has been taken over by a drug dealer. They sell drugs out of the home and often compensate the tenant with drugs daily.
Typically, we have only experienced police shoo citizens away when there is a dead body out in the open or there is a substantial threat to public safety, such as, but not limited to an armed standoff.
Anyone with photos of the scene or more information is urged to contact us right away by messaging us on Facebook, emailing tips@trcctb.com or texting 807-355-8917.
UPDATE 2:09am: A resident in the area tells us that this was a “gun scare” and that it involved a replica airsoft gun.


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