Harbour Ice Walker Rescued – Stay Off The Harbour!


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Once again, members of the Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue along with Superior North EMS responded to the waterfront after reports came in that a person was out lurking on the ice.

Reports say that the lone male was seen walking on the ice in the harbour but inside the break-wall.


Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue had numerous vehicles respond along with their airboat. The airboat was deployed and headed out to the break-wall area to pick up the lone wanderer.

Upon returning to male to land, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service spoke to the individual, likely informing him of the danger he put himself, and first responders in by his actions, whether deliberate or not.

From the shore to the break-wall is under the control of the Port Authority of Thunder Bay. People are not allowed to lurk out onto the ice without the expressed and written consent of the Port Authority or the harbour master.


There were no injuries reported from this incident.


2 Replies to “Harbour Ice Walker Rescued – Stay Off The Harbour!”

  1. Morons like that should be forced to pay the bill for the resources they just wasted because of their own stupidity. I dont care how they pay, even if it has to come out of their welfare payments so be it. So fed up with these attention seekers pulling off these types of insane performances at the taxpayers expense.

    1. Same can be said for all of the drug overdoses and winos passed out on the street that are treated by or picked by our EMS.

      One asshole walking on the ice is small potatoes compared to responding to OD’s and drunks passed out in public places.

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