Half-Way Motors Nissan Helps Victims of Theft


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We can’t stress enough how literally almost every area of the city experienced car hopping thieves every night. Dave and Shawn, two great members of our community had recently experienced the sharp edge of this crime. Below is a statement of what happened from Half-Way Motors Nissan.
“Shawn and Dave were very stressed out when they came to us. Shawn’s vehicle was broken into and many of his belongings were stolen – including one of the key fobs for his husband Dave’s 2019 Nissan Rogue. This meant the thief who had taken the fob could have easily come back and stolen Dave’s Rogue at anytime. 😱They called to make an appointment with us to get a new key fob which would also disable the stolen one – this process takes up to an hour for our techs to complete. We try to serve everyone fairly and at the time we were already backed up with our other customer’s time-sensitive services. We couldn’t help Shawn and Dave til the following week.⌚️
Dave expressed his grief and described his circumstances online but due to privacy settings we couldn’t see it. Fortunately, a friend of ours sent a screen shot which gave us full insight into Dave and Shawn’s situation. 👍
Every single night since the break-in, they had been disconnecting the battery from their Rogue so the thief couldn’t come back and steal the car with the stolen key fob. 😔They were dealing with police reports and realizing more and more of their belongings were missing from their property. Have you ever been a victim of theft or a break & enter? Dave said he felt completely violated and unsafe, and that they hadn’t been sleeping very much.
Once we understood the full story, we immediately reached out to them and booked them in for service the very next day to disable the stolen fob so they could finally rest assured their vehicle wasn’t at risk of being stolen.👊
Thunder Bay can be a crazy place to live sometimes and nobody should have to live in fear that they might be stolen from, or vandalized or broken into. Even if the doors are locked and your things are hidden, sometimes these types of crimes cannot be avoided.😢 We’re happy we could help alleviate some stress from Shawn and Dave and we wish them the best in recuperating their lost belongings and rebuilding a sense of security in their neighbourhood.❤️ Stay safe, Thunder Bay!”
Photo: Half-Way Motors Nissan