Hakuna Ma’Vodka: LCBO Heist Arrest


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have made an arrest regarding a theft that took place at the LCBO on Fort William Road, beside the McIntyre Floodway on March 1st, 2019.
30-year-old Temerity Kakekagumick was present in a Thunder Bay bail court his morning via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station. Presiding over this mornings matters was Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard along with Crown Attorney VanKessel.
Kakekagumick is currently facing the charge of theft under $5000 following an incident at 969 Fort William Road.

Kakekagumick has an extensive criminal record.
Kakekagumick has convictions for failing to appear in court, failing to comply with court orders such as bail conditions and theft

Kakekagumick is held in custody and will appear at a future court date.


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  1. She’ll be just fine. Gladue will tell her to stop stealing whiskey and she’ll be back on the streets stealing whiskey again in no time. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
    No wonder there’s no sense of responsibility by the perpetrator when nothing of consequents results from their crimes.

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