(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We have received concerning information that is putting the rash of attempted abductions and random beatdowns into some perspective.

What we are hearing from a few sources is that this is the new gangs in town, initiating new local members into their circle. They send them out to abduct women to be held for sex-trafficking purposes.


Once these gangs abduct a woman, they keep her confined and shoot her up with heavy drugs over and over again, until she is heavily addicted and becomes compliant with their demands.

One woman who was rescued from such abduction told TRCCTB.COM that they were kept in a closet, and force-fed needles at gunpoint, until she was heavily addicted and willingly accepted the drugs, and eventually was sleeping with whoever to get her next fix. She was rescued by police after being shipped to southern Ontario and randomly bumped into a police officer that was on foot patrol and begged to be saved.

Recommendations to help reduce the likelihoodl of being abducted are:

  1. Allow your location to be shared with a close friend via your phone, at all times.
  2. If a suspicious vehicle is parked next to your vehicle, don’t go alone, ask someone to walk you to your vehicle.
  3. Once in your car, drive! don’t sit there and play on your phone.
  4. Do not walk alone at night, or in a back alley’s/questionable areas during the day.
  5. Always let someone know where you are.

Nothing can 100% prevent an abduction, but staying aware is the first step to staying safe.

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  1. It’s not just men you have to watch out for either!! They’re a lot of women who have ties to gangs too. I have to say, don’t trust anyone you don’t know.

  2. Purchase a body sounding alarm. All you do is pull out the pin and it is loud like a car alarm. Airlines provide them to Flight crews.

  3. Sick and tired of Canadian law, criminal has more rights. All we can do is dial 911. We need more police presence.

    1. That’s the biggest problem with crime in Canada. Criminals know we are unarmed and barely even able to defend ourselves legally as well.

      The whole Cold War was kept cold because of “mutually assured destruction”. Each side knew if they stepped out of line that the other side would hit back with enough force to destroy them. That balance kept things quiet. We as citizens in Canada do not enjoy that balance. Instead we are sitting ducks in the eyes of the criminal.

      Not only will the criminal not get shot in a case of self defence, the courts will set the criminal free (as we can all see in the stories here). All of this once again comes from Liberal party politics. People need to learn that they get what they vote for. You can thank them for all the crazy gun laws, banning of pepper spray etc… They never think that laws only get followed by the law abiding citizens. criminals don’t follow any laws, so banning of guns etc does nothing except disarm the citizens and turn them all into easy, potential victims.

  4. No Gaurdian Angels Tbay city council was no help Ian packed up went back to Mexico, They shut down hells angels years ago now look what we have gangsters from Southern Ontario.

  5. One of them currently is in the known prostitutes house at 75 Academy on the main floor. He is the one with dreads that just went for leg or knee surgery last month for the beatdown he received for not paying on time. He has taken over the ladies house as people see him coming and going with his very own keys. Housing is very glad to have him here. So is the old man that sells crack for him on the third floor.

    ****housing isn’t happy he is there, they just dont care*****

  6. Oh but the interview with city police he said
    We have no reports of abductions connected to the gangs.

    Keep their heads in the sand on that one 🤬🤬

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