Fourteen 911 Calls Made About Drunk Driver


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This morning in Thunder Bay, we had a visiting Justice of the Peace from Toronto. It was a wild morning as she seemed very outspoken and strong speaking when dealing with matters.

A 45-year-old Keith Mekanak was in police custody this morning at the Thunder Bay Police Service station. He appeared in bail court this morning by video in front of visiting Justice of the Peace Sandra Anstey. Crown Attorney Misbah Haque was also present. Mekanak self-represented himself.



On 9:00 am on December 10th, 2018 Keith Mekanak was driving his Chevrolet Silverado while drunk and significantly over the legal limit. Approximately 14 911 calls were made because of the erratic nature of his driving. Mekanak put the public at significant risk, including children.

Mekanak was pulled over and charged by the Thunder Bay Police Service with:

  • Operate a motor vehicle while impaired
  • Operate a motor vehicle while there is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in your body
  • Operate a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public

The Crown is willing to consent to the release of Mekanak on minimal conditions. Those conditions are:

  • Reside in Thunder Bay
  • Notify the police within 24 hours of any change of address by telephone

Her Worship asks the Crown “Is this his own bail?…own recognizance?” the Crown responds “No this isn’t a recognizance, it is his own undertaking”. Her Worship appears to be in disbelief, and probes further… “No driving restrictions?” she asks. The Crown responds “No Driving restrictions.”.

The Justice of the Peace runs through the conditions with Mekanak to ensure he understands them and is prepared to abide by them. He acknowledges that he understands and will comply with the proposed conditions by responding with a sluggish “ok”.

As discussions regarding Mekanak’s return date were being sorted out, Mekanak walked off screen and was escorted out of view. I presumed that he had left early, as he was not officially issued his return date. Justice of the Peace Anstey calls the officers and tells them that they were not done with Mekanak just yet. He is brought back into view and back before the court.

Mekanak’s return date is set to Friday, January 18th, 2019 in courtroom 105 on the 1:30 pm list. He is ordered released. Her Worship wishes him a Happy Holidays and sends him on his way. He is once again escorted out of view and made it all the way to his cell this time. He waited there until his release papers were complete and sent over to the police station.


5 Replies to “Fourteen 911 Calls Made About Drunk Driver”

  1. Hopefully they get more JP’s from Toronto to take care of these jailbirds. Obviously the JP’s in tbay are corrupt.

  2. hey NAN is this guy one of yours? seems like he wasnt tought about alcohol or abiding by the laws too…
    gonna point out all that i see from now on.. hope the point eventually gets across to you to actually do soemthing to help your comunities rather than just whine about everything bieng the fault of the “white man”..

  3. This is what’s wrong with our judicial system! This individual is a flight risk as he is from Big Beaver House. If he shows up to court, it will be nothing short of a miracle! I guess there are special privileges for special people.

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