(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Four people have been charged with first degree murder in the last 24 hours.

Details are thin at this point, but we are digging up the information.


37-year-old Marlene Lou Kwandibens (pictured above) has been charged with first degree murder.

Terryl Irene Michon (pictured above) has been charged with first degree murder.

24-year-old Darren Steven Oombash (send us photos) has been charged with first degree murder.

Roger McKay (pictured above) has been charged with first degree murder.


Ashley Chantal McKay(Pictured below)

We believe this is regarding the incident on Cummings yesterday.

First degree murder indicates that this was a premeditated murder, meaning there was some form of thought or planning put into this.

This article will be updated and reposted on facebook as new info is added.

Read more about Terryl below:

Anyone that knows more about the homicides is encouraged to contact us by email at

More to come.



  1. Happy MLK is off the street. A good friends elderly parents are pretty sure this is the person they found in their home on two occasions. Preying on the elderly , these thieves aren’t dumb . So lock your doors keep your spare set of keys in your house ( not your car) and remind your parents to do the same. Thunder Bay is a changed city, the days of being slack when it comes to safety be it in your house or on the streets is over.

  2. Ok, I’m going to get called out on this one, but I’m going to chime in regardless.

    I’m told systemic racism is rampant in Thunder Bay. Certain news outlets have articles saying how bad it is. The city of Thunder Bay actually have Ads on city buses advertising this and are asking people to report it. Yet, everything a see and witness with my own eyes tells me this isn’t the case. Don get me wrong, I don’t live under a rock and I do know it happens, but not how it’s being portrayed.
    From my perspective, the majority of major crimes being reported are either people from Southern Ontario, or the Natives. PERIOD! The systemic racism crap in this city is just that, crap. This “walking on eggshells” has gotten so bad, no one is sure what the hell to say anymore. This has been going on for years and it’s getting worse and will keep getting worse.
    Seriously, as a society what have we become? I understand the squeaky gear gets the grease but what’s happening now is utter Bullshit.
    Now, before some of you chime in and call me racist, back it up with facts and prove me wrong!

    1. Richard Belbas
      Kim Berly
      John Tsekouras
      Dominic Forests
      Anthony Taddeo
      Scott Wilson
      Riley Freeman

      There’s lots more examples of local white people committing major crimes.

      But there definitely is a demographic which is represented healthily on the court dockets.

  3. Just another night of drinking. The booze is all gone. Fight breaks out stuff gets broken and somebody dies. Another I’m sorry I was drunk story. I feel bad for the landlord who is left to clean the mess.

  4. Surprise, surprise, was Terryl out on bail when she committed this other crime?
    Chance after chance given. All you had to do was smarten up, but couldn’t handle even the most basic of tasks that we learn before kindergarten- it’s not nice to steal, or hurt people.

  5. 2 on the same street in less than 6 months, probably was going to rat on them or something drug related knowing this area. Atleast the prostitutes haven’t been on the street in 2 days which is impressive. Cops only care after the fact, they leave people overdosing at the front of this building if they don’t want treatment. They never actually prevent anything and most of the shit that’s going on in this area isn’t even reported LOL! what about that kid who stole the SUV and ditched it in the back lane days before this or any of the overdoses!?

    1. So, the cops only care after the fact? You’re an idiot. Your statement implies the cops are at fault. I’m sure you think the cops sell the drugs to theses idiots too?

  6. “First degree murder indicates that this was a premeditated murder, meaning there was some form of thought or planning put into this.”

    all 4 are being held. go figure 🤷🏽‍♀️

    trailer hitch murderer is out free with the same intentions
    (white privilege) 🤬 DISGUSTING.

  7. I can’t believe they did th I to you Ashley honestly I’m so upset hearing what happened to you😔😭 don’t worry girl I know karma will come for them you didn’t deserve this no one does ❤ rip loveya ash😢

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