Flailin’ Jerkin’ & More for the First of the Monthly


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The first of the month is often a busy time for not only involved news outlets, but especially and particularly for our first responders.

Today was no different. This guy started flailing and jerkin’ his gherkin’ all around Dease Street area, mostly near Wiley and Prince Arthur Boulevard.


Residents in the area tell TRCCTB.COM that this man flailing around and appearing to masterbate in the wide open for all the travelling public to view is nothing new to the area. If it’s not him, it’s someone else.

Take note of the guy who bikes by the flailer as if it’s not a big deal. People are used to this. He’s already wearing cool guy glasses.

This “flailing” is often caused by either heavy doses of strong opioids or extended opioids use followed by cocaine or crack cocaine use.


If you or someone you know has caught a flailer on video, please send it in to us immediately. You can call/text 807-355-8917, message us on Facebook or email us at tips@trcctb.com.

Below is the video, we will have an update with more videos soon.  The video may take several seconds to load, but it is right below this paragraph. Viewer discretion is advised.


Stay concerned, citizens.


10 Replies to “Flailin’ Jerkin’ & More for the First of the Monthly”

  1. so sad to see this kind of crap going on and they do not even care not a bit remorseful it is disgusting why can’t they just keep it at home inside their own doors no one needs to see this king of garbage

  2. “Going out for a bike ride honey.”
    “Okay dear, mind the naked Indian flailing in the road.”
    “Oh? Old Angus is exorcising the spirits again?”

  3. Actually the flailing has 0 to do with opiods but everything to do with cocaine and stimulants like meth. This occurs when the brain is deprived of sleep for an extended period by use of stimulants, during WW2 Meth was used by German Troops on the front lines, it gave incredible courage and stamina but the long term use was disastrous with troops seeing and hearing things that did not exist and involuntary twitches of the body

  4. What are authorities doing with this type of vulgar, obscene conduct? Do these disgusting druggers ever get charged?

    Why do decent people have to put up with this disgusting behaviour? How many women and children have to be exposed, shocked and frightened by some obscene freaked out drugger carrying out lewd and lascivious behaviour?

    This town is a toilet in dire need of flushing.

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