(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Firefighters were kept very busy this afternoon.

Two grass fires, a youth on the roof of a church, several false automatic fire alarms, two assaults and more kept Thunder Bay Fire Rescue deployed throughout most of the day.

A report of a grass fire near the intersection of Red River and the Thunder Bay Expressway came in this afternoon. Pumper 2 and the crew from Station 2 responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, firefighters went on foot, using a mixture of tactics to extinguish the flames. Water was applied to the flames as well as the crew using a brooming technique which is surprisingly effective at suffocating the flames and preventing it from spreading. (Picture and video below)


Shortly after Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Pumper 2 Crew squashed these flames, they responded to an automatic fire alarm at a Summit Ave residence. That call ended up being a false alarm.

While Pumper 2 was tied up, another grass fire ignited beside the walking path from county fair mall to county blvd, in behind where Canadian Tire used to be.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Pumper 8 from Station 8 out on Mapleward, responded to the flames and made short work of the situation.

The firefighters jumped into action with razor blade precision, deploying a fire hose and blasting the inferno with a solid stream of the flame drowning H20. (Pictured Below)


The fire was decimated quickly. Although near impossible to be certain, it’s likely the result of kids misbehaving or a smokers flicking their cigarette butt.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue also assisted two citizens on separate incidents who were allegedly the victims of an assault.

One assault occurred near the Brodie st library, where the victim claims to have been assaulted in a bus stop.

The second assault occurred in the Pearl st area. Firefighters called for police assistance.

Please smokers and others who utilize lighters/matches and other flame-producing products, be careful with how you dispose/use your products. When fire crews respond to these scenes, valuable resources are tied up and not available if another situation occurs simultaneously.

PARENTS: Teach your kids the dangers of playing with fire, and the strain on resources these fires cause. Don’t forget to mention how lives and property can be lost in worst case scenarios.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue also rescued a youth that got onto the roof of a downtown Port Arthur church. The youth did not seem to have sustained any injuries. Fire crews utilized a ladder to retrieve the stranded citizen.

Thank you hard-working members of the Thunder Bay Fire Rescue for all that you do.