Firefighter Assaulted: Mayhem on McKenzie and Finlayson


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – I spent a bit of time lurking around the Finlayson and Mackenzie areas about a week ago. I learned a bit about the area and am almost ready to report on the lunacy I personally witnessed.
Before that report comes out, let’s talk about what residents in the area witnessed last night, shall we?
What we have been told is that someone was right high on some heavy drugs when they became erratic and started throwing random items out of a window onto the surrounding areas of a home. This male was also threatening to kill himself.

Two fire trucks and about 6 police cruisers responded to the scene. Upon arrival, a resident says that a firefighter was hit with an item by the spun-out man.
Shortly after the firefighter was assaulted, police made an arrest and its believed the crazed man left the scene in a cop car. He likely was escorted to the hospital to be assessed.
Police and fire have since vacated the area. Another typical evening at the epicentre of our towns drug abuse problem.