FIRE: Firefights Battle East End Garage Blaze


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Hardworking firefighters with Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue have once again doused a structure that was in a raging inferno. Yes, another fire in the East End area of town which is possibly an arson.

Around 3:25 pm on December 4th, 2019, fire rescue units responded to a 911 call that reported a garage had went up in flames in the 800 block of McMillan Street.


The 911 call reported that the garage was emanating heavy smoke.

Crews from station 1, which is located on Vickers Street North, responded to the call and arrived on scene rapidly. Upon their arrival they confirmed that there was heavy smoke and flames blazing on the outside of a garage. At this point the call was made for a “second alarm”, which summons more fire crews to help battle the inferno.

The first arriving command officer instructed firefighters to equip and use their breathing apparatus’ (SCBA) as well as arm themselves with a 45mm attack hose line as their initial weapon to douse the flames that were raging on the exterior of the structure.


Things got deeply concerning for a while as beside the garage there was two propane tanks just sitting there, being heated by the flames which can become very dangerous to all in the area. These tanks were directly exposed to flames, causing the pressure inside them to increase at an alarming rate. A relief valve on one of the tanks popped, letting out propane vapours that ignited and caused further hazards. Firefighters battled the intense flames that were raging out of the propane tank and managed to regain control of the area soon after.

Moments after firefighters were on location, they knocked the fire down and stopped any chance of it spreading to the interior of the garage or other buildings nearby.

Numerous other fire crews also arrived and provided support to the firefighting mission. They assisted by ensuring water supply, inspecting the structure for hot spots and ensuring the fire had not lurked into exterior walls and up into the attic, as it has on so many other occasions.

Nobody was injured the blaze and no one was inside the garage at the time of the fire according to fire officials. A Facebook profile by the name of Ash San claims they were inside the garage at the time of the fire. This incident is now under investigation y the Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue.

A Command Unit, five pumpers and an aerial ladder were on scene of this blaze.


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