Fatal Overdose: Woman Dead on Picton Ave


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Numerous warnings by not only this news media publication, but by various health units and medical authorities have warned people of the dangers of certain drugs.

People are dying at faster and faster rates as time goes by due to the dangerous street cocktail called “down”. “Down” ain’t typical heroin like it used to be. Nowadays it is mixed with fentanyl, carfentanil, crystal meth and various other drugs such as dog dewormer, cleaning products and more.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit was deposited today, the 20th. Picton Ave is often buzzing around this time as the street along with the 288 Windsor complex has people coming and going, purchasing and selling drugs.

A woman was found unresponsive on Picton Ave and was later pronounced dead. It is suspected she had been using some form of “down” or drugs she was using had “down” in it. Her friend had come over earlier and they got high. We have been told that the woman was one of the nicest people and was trying to get sober. She had just received treatment and got out a month ago. Heartfelt condolences from the community to the family.

There have been a number of fatal overdoses in the last few weeks, with the frequency of overdoses only increasing.

Picton Avenue was also the location where a woman was brutally beaten by her partner. He was demanding her bank card shortly after child tax went in.

Are you thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre today at 807*684-1880 and ask them about how you can start your journey to sobriety.

Also, don’t forget to utilize the consumption and treatment services (supervised injection site) available at NorWest Community Health Centres, 525 Simpson street. Mon-Friday 10 am- 6 pm. Soon to be open 7 days per week.


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  1. Pick your poison & spin the cylinder.

    With so much of this going on in Dumpster Bay, it’s difficult to muster up any sympathy for willing drug addicts. However, I have plenty of anger toward the death dealing scum bags that supply the poison.

    1. Dave Williams:

      If it weren’t for family, I’d be long gone.

      Seems that part of the problem are people like you who refuse to acknowledge how much this once great town has deteriorated. It’s a toilet that simply can’t be flushed and people like you seem to like enjoy smell.

      What are you doing to make Dumpster Bay a better place? You some how making a living off of the welfare scammers and criminals?

    1. This story hits home! I lost my daughter to fentanyl laced coke, after months of being sober. She was beginning to love herself again, her wishes for the future looked bright again for her and her sons…until she came back to this city! Too many bad influence, around every corner. To this day, im told no one knows who gave the stuff to her. I dont understand why or how the TBPS can not shut these places down? They cant be that hard to find, right? Nor, its not that hard to find a person to make a run for you (evidence) , or you (TBPS) get access in plain clothes? IDK! But its becoming to feel like the City and TBPS just dont care for their community folk. Then, what about the punishment for these crimes! Thats a joke also! Is there a stricter law yet, for the scumbags who sell the junk and OD ppl?

  2. Pino,
    Do you have the ability to get stats on how many people are utilizing the safe injection site?
    It would be interesting to learn how often per day this service is being used.

  3. The norwest does not supervise it’s people they give such drugs to… give them their fix and send them out to do same thing.

  4. You link baby bonus and the fact that drug activity is higher on the days payments are received. Did this woman have children living with her? Is there any viable statistics that the two are related? If these scenarios are related, perhaps the children and the baby bonuses of these uncaring mothers should be taken away? This really appears to be the lose/lose situation for the children. Baby bonuses aren’t meant for recreational drug abuse.

    1. Well just letting you know. Yes she had children, she was a great mother.. she loved her kids unconditionally. She provided for her children they came first. Shes a single mother theres nothing wrong with her having some time to herself. She just trusted the wrong friend . Shit like this can happen to anyone that. But I know where your getting at. But it shows and a social worker should spot a drug a when they see one. Itll show at school . So sad they dont say anything

  5. We do not need safe Injection sites. They should be forced off of OW and ODSP and made to go to treatment MANDATORY. Long term treatment. Stop putting band aid solutions on drug problems. While I feel sorry for these people and their families especially the children they leave behind we need tough love on these folks. We also need law reform in Canada with life sentences for these dealers. If they are from another country nationalized or not they should also be sent back to their point of origin. I am talking about a lot of these southern ontario gangs.

    1. This is so true what you are saying.. I lost my son to accidental overdosing on fentanyl , he bought this drug from a scum of a man , a man that came from Nova Scotia to destroy my son, and to kill him by selling these dangerous drugs and more! I totally agree all drug dealers that kill their customers should be charged as murder charge

  6. J your attempt to cannonize this addict is as effective as giving an antibiotic to a corpse. She obviously loved her jack more than her kids .Plain and simple. Now her kids have no mother because of that. And no it doesnt happen to anyone or the whole world would be strung out. Those people make the choice to do drugs and follow that lifestyle. They own it and no one else is responsible for their behavior. That being said, there ought to be more treatment available for them to get clean and not continue on with this lifestyle. but too much money is being used up on useless invertentions like safe in injection sites and narcan which only perpetuates their mery go round.

  7. Oh so sad to read such tragic stories of my long ago home for many years.. I moved to myself and my 2 children to Thunder Bay ,seek a better life back then, and I did just that ,got my education under my belt and worked soon after. Life in Thunder Bay was good back then,, we sometimes struggled as most of us attending university, we seemed a more close knit family , and we cared and watched out for each other’s kids .. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what this world is becoming anymore . I have no words except to say , am very sorry for all the losses of life.

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