Fatal Overdose Rocks Friends and Family


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s terribly sad when someone who struggles with substance abuse manages to get clean but then relapses and dies. It’s all too common for addicts to relapse after a substantial period of sobriety and use a little too much of the drug that their body is not used to, which causes them to overdose.
Friends and family are in mourning as Thunder Bay has lost yet another citizen to the opiate overdose epidemic which has the city deep in its grip.
The victim had been sober for quite a long time and had been improving his life. He relapsed, which ultimately cost him his life yesterday.
If you are going to use drugs, always use the buddy-system and ensure that you have narcan readily available. If someone is overdosing, call 911 right away and administer the narcan. Seconds could mean the difference between living and dying.
As overdoses keep piling up, fentanyl and purple down keeps being brought into our community, it leaves one wondering if this dangerous and deadly trend will ever reverse?
Get a free narcan kit from your local pharmacist. Call the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre if you want to explore options on how to get sober. Their number is 807-684-1880.


4 Replies to “Fatal Overdose Rocks Friends and Family”

  1. Hard to feel compassion for the individuals when these overdoses occur. Feel for the families who had to put up with all of the anguish, doubt and fear caused by addicts but that’s about it.
    Self inflicted injuries and death resulting from drugs isn’t something that many people sympathize with when we have so many legit people suffering and dying due to circumstances beyond their control.
    Now with unlimited Narcan available, druggers can party even harder because life saving drugs are readily available and totally free. Meanwhile, legitimately ill adults and children don’t get the drugs they need to survive. Something terribly wrong with the present system that enables druggers to perpetuate their dangerous activities with no penalty, while innocents suffer and die because they can’t afford drugs and treatment.
    I suspect that political corruption is likely behind govt sponsored free Narcan. Somebody in a position(s) of influence likely has a lot invested in the companies that make Narcan and other dope overdose related products. The dopers don’t pay for it. Us taxpayers do and big pharma and investors love it.

  2. If you keep using a drug over and over you risk becoming intolerant to it. Then when you do need it , it doesnt work. And Narcan is a perfect example of when a problem becomes a solution for those who refuse to learn.

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