Fatal Overdose: Midtown Inn Second Floor Fentanyl


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man had moved to Thunder Bay, in search of a better life for himself. He was previously a resident of Vancouver, BC.

He smoked marijuana and had a side-business selling vapes on the side. His regular day job was the maintenance man at the Midtown Inn.


Sources indicate that the man was dabbling and experimenting with harder drugs such as crack cocaine and fentanyl. He is believed to have purchased the fentanyl from a well-known trafficker in the building.

The man is believed to have been in his late 30’s and died alone in his room on the second floor of the Midtown Inn. Ken Aylott, the manager of the building, was not around for comment when we contacted the motel. The person who answered the phone said he was “in Toronto on business”, before hanging up abruptly.

Officials have since removed the body from the building as an autopsy is expected to be underway.



The Midtown Inn has known drug traffickers frequenting the building, stabbings, overdoses, guns, and gang activity like no other building has ever had in Thunder Bay. The place is starting to make the Odd Fellows building look inviting.

This is the second confirmed fatal overdose we have heard about today and the third if we count unconfirmed fatal overdoses. Our counter for the day is 6 confirmed overdoses, two of which resulted in death.

Are you a drug user? Are you thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and ask them how you can start your path to sobriety. Their phone number is 807-684-1880.


12 Replies to “Fatal Overdose: Midtown Inn Second Floor Fentanyl”

  1. Sounds to me like a new stronger deadlier batch of dope has come to the city if the o.d.’s are turning fatal. Hopefully be enough to scare people straight hearing this…. Ya right!! It’s pretty sad tho. Addiction is stronger then the fear of death

  2. Good luck getting any sympathy out of anyone who dosen’t do drugs. If anything it’s hard not to cheer on this behaviour since these rats do it to themselves. Less people to be sucking all the Dole sauce out of the system anyways

  3. When will cops start charging traffickers with murder???? Don’t want the murder count to go up is my guess. Disgusting

  4. One more down and two more will be stupid enough to take their place. Gangs are getting richer and have absolutely 0 accountability for selling tax free death. People who commit far less life altering crimes get extremely harsher penalties. What a f**kin joke.

  5. yep ,its there life so what can i say, as for that dump motel this body was found at ,i say it should be locked up and torn down,its a discrace to the North side of this city… not safe to walk the streets anymore..

    1. Tearing down a motel isn’t the answer to gangs and guns. Getting these gangsters off the streets and keeping them off the streets, and sending the imported ones back to where they came from is a damn good start.

  6. The building Manger away on business in Toronto. That’s not suspicious.The gang owns this building or the owner is being extorted.Shut it Down.

  7. Strange how we have so much drug related tragedy going on in the city, day in-day out, without so much as a peep from state run news. They obviously have their orders to refrain from reporting news from the real world. The disgusting events we see unfolding every day that state news simply sweeps under the rug.

    Mainstream media in general are no more than propaganda machines who’s task is to keep us in the dark and dump mind numbing brain porridge into our heads. Hide the glaring social issues and problems and suppress the sordid, unsavoury goings on.

    TRCC News has to be congratulated for having the resolve and courage to lift the rug every day to expose what really happening in Dumpster Bay. Keep up the good work Pino!


  9. Please be kind. People have troubles and some are stronger than others. This man was my cousin and his family is heartbroken so please refrain from saying nasty unnecessary in your posting this could happen to you or yours 😔

  10. Please be kind. People have troubles and some are stronger than others. This man was my cousin and his family is heartbroken so please refrain from saying nasty unnecessary comments in your posting this could happen to you or yours 😔

  11. It’s a sad reality of the drug world. Why with all the news about this horrible drug going around why would somebody play Russian Roulette with their lives? Anyone caught with fentanyl or any other Lethal drugs Should be charged with attempted murder. That deathtrap of a hotel should have undercover officers moving in. It’s heart wrenching what’s happening to our city and all lives that have been lost. My heart goes out to all families involved.

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