FATAL OVERDOSE: Forensics Unit on Scene


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This morning was a busy morning for some police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

All three services responded to a residence near the corner of Machar and Cornwall for an overdose.


A female was using drugs and found not breathing. 911 was called.

Despite efforts by our team of first responders, the opioid epidemic has claimed yet another life in Thunder Bay.

The Thunder Bay Police Service forensics unit arrived on scene shortly after to deal with the deceased body and investigation.


If you can’t abstain from using drugs, please ensure you use the buddy system and always have a Narcan/Naloxone kit handy to revive anyone that may overdose.

Ask your pharmacist about how you can get s free Narcan/Naloxone kit today, it may save your life.

There is a way out of addiction, reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling to start the process of rehabilitation at 684-1880. You can also speak to the staff at the Simpson Street Overdose Prevention Site about how you can start your journey to a sober life.


7 Replies to “FATAL OVERDOSE: Forensics Unit on Scene”

  1. Nevermind the Narcan/Naloxone kits! Quit using drugs! Let nature take its course if you want to take the chance using drugs! Society needs to quit coddling and tell it how it is! Our legal system is overloaded because of the soft society that wants to be led by the hand for everything!

  2. More great reporting by mr pino. If not for his contunued efforts to keep tbay and area informed we would be clueless. I stopped taking the local paper. That was a wayste of good money.Their paper is only good for fish wrap. Thanks for your continued excellet reporting and keeping us all in the loop. You are deserving of a writers award for all you do. Your like a hero to many who have come to rely on your excellent reporting. Anyone taking the local paper is wasting their money. Thank again mr pino.

  3. I have to agreed with Andy, and thanks to Pino. TBay newspaper sucks! However, these “animals” should be dropped off in the middle of Lake Superior and that will save society alot of grief and resources.

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