(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A pair of people exercising harm reduction were spotted in a back alley shooting drugs into their bodies.
Resident in the area tells us that she called the police non emergency line just to ask what she should do. The resident tells us that it’s nothing unusual in the area but it’s still not acceptable.
The staff put her through to dispatch and a discussion happened where the telephone operator told her that it’s a losing battle dealing with these issues. It was said that as long as nobody is being hurt or dying, there isn’t much they can do.
Dispatch said they would still send somebody out to check out the scene but that it was based on a priority sequence. The resident who called agreed to call back if the needle users left.
Within about two minutes, a TBPS cruiser arrived on the scene. The needle users scattered and the officers cleaned up the mess they left behind.
Not only are our officers rescuing people from drunk slips into area rivers, they are also cleaning up used drug paraphernalia. Good job officers for a timely response to a non-urgent call as well as going above and beyond and cleaning up the mess left behind by drug users.
Drug addiction in Thunder Bay is rampant. There is no hiding it, pretending it’s not a big deal, or ignoring it. Many people on city council ran on a platform of doing something about the out of control crime, drug addiction and homelessness. What’s been done so far?
Photo of actual incident.


3 Replies to “Duo Doing Needles in a Back Alley”

  1. It’s disgusting what law enforcement and first responders have to deal with.
    And the stupid continue to be injection sites are the answer- what a waste of money and resources- a complete waste and nothing has improved with this stupidity.
    Were that funding was put into addiction treatment facilities and staffing- and mandatory lock ups if needed.
    I have zero sympathy for anyone who choses to take drugs they do not need.

  2. It is not just here that you see this it takes place in other cities as well and like the lady was told there is not much that can be done unless they overdose or get into serious medical emergency. I feel for the officers who have to run and check theses scenes out because by the time they get there the dosing addicts are usually over doing their fix leaving the officers there to clean up after them. Kudos to the officers who attended to this happening on doing a great job and clean up that they did not make. Maybe someday this will come to an end but not for a long long time as long as there are drugs available this kind of thing will keep happening such a sad and sorry way to live.

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