(THUNDER BAY, ON) – This morning’s bail court featured a Sheena Morningstar Slaney appearing in custody from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach was presiding along with Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair and defence lawyer David Young.


Slaney had a warrant out for her arrest, although it is said into the court record that she surrendered herself at the Thunder Bay Police Station.

Allegations are that Slaney and a male were consuming alcohol when an argument erupted. Slaney then slapped the male in the head, attempted to knee the male in the cock and balls, and finished it off with spit in his face.

The male then called the police, and as he was speaking with the police, Slaney fled the scene with some of her belongings.


Slaney is facing the following criminal charge after an October 29th incident.

  • Assault

The Crown is willing to consent to the release of Slaney under the following conditions:

  • Reside at a different address other than where the incident had occurred
  • Not be within 50 meters of her alleged victim
  • Not attend an address in the 2600 block of Victoria Ave East (Where the incident occurred)
  • Not to possess/consume/purchase alcohol or any other intoxicating substances
  • Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code

Slaney tells the court that she has an address she can be released to in the 500 block of Kingsway. The court briefly discusses the distance between the alleged victims home and her new address and decides although it is close, it will be satisfactory.

Defence lawyer David Young seems to agree to the conditions and they are considered reasonable by the Justice of the Peace.

David Young reminds the accused to apply for legal aid, and to please have it done by the end of the week.

Slaney is ordered to follow the stated conditions and is released from custody with a December 7th, 2018 court date.



  1. I’m sure there is an abused men’s shelter where the victim can have support and resources as any female victim would.

    All victim’s deserve support.

    1. haaa what world are you living in. there is no such thing I find this story hard to be leave. it dont mater if it’s the guy that calls 911 woman like though there teeth an it is the womans word that is taken and held up in court as it is the guy that gets arrested not the woman. and the man is guilty until he proves his innocence the woman doesn’t even have to go see a doctor

    2. Bill, no point in explaining your sarcasm. If he didn’t get it the first time, he/she’s even more confused after you explaining it.

  2. Picking up the phone and calling 911 might have saved his life. Probably really scary for him. He probably shouldn’t be drinking either.

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