Drunk, Passed Out – Off to the Hilton


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this evening passerby’s located a male passed out near the casino.

When the male would not wake up, a 911 call was made to ensure he was ok. This call was made before the “code black” happened this evening. Police, fire and paramedics responded


He was woken up and it was clear he was drunk as he stunk of booze and admitted to drinking.

After it was determined the male was not dying he requested to be taken to the hospital. Paramedics cannot refuse people a ride to the hospital even if they don’t believe a hospital trip is warranted.

Off to the Hilton (Hospital Emergency Department) for this guy where he will sleep off his buzz and take a bed in the often overwhelmed and overworked emergency department of our hospital.


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One Reply to “Drunk, Passed Out – Off to the Hilton”

  1. Paramedics picking up the garbage and dumping it off at the hospital. There’s got to be a better way to deal with this human trash.

    Overloading our already heavily burdened medical facilities is not the way to handle these drunks. Put them in the drunk tank and leave them there until they sober up. When they do, charge & fine them. If they don’t pay, put them in jail or put them to work cleaning up the city to pay off their fines.

    City council and law enforcement need to deal with this ever growing problem. In case they haven’t noticed, it’s getting worse every day.

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