Drunk & Passed Out Beside McIntyre River Charges


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning in front of the honourable Justice Elaine Burton is Big Grassy First Nation resident Royce Bluebird. Crown Attorney Jane Ann McGill will be prosecuting this matter.

I didn’t manage to catch Bluebird’s age or his defence lawyers name, my apologies.


Bluebird has been charged with assault and two breaches of his bail conditions. He is scheduled to plea guilty to the breaches today but not the assault.


On Friday May 31st, around 1:56pm officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were dispatched to 959 Fort William Road regarding a report of people passed out beside the McIntyre Floodway. This location is near the LCBO and Home Depot. Upon arrival, security were with a male and female later on identified as Reva Moonias and Royce Bluebird.


Police were able to wake up the couple and upon speaking to them noticed the smell of alcohol on their breathe, slurred speech and an unsteadiness on their feet.

Bluebird was on bail conditions at that time not to be consuming alcohol.

Police took Bluebird into custody at that time.

Another incident took place on June 6th where Bluebird was also found to have been consuming alcohol.



The Crown is pushing for 30 days in jail concurrently for the two breaches while the defence is asking for more like time served and maybe a few days extra as Bluebird has been in custody since the June 6th arrest. Time served would count as 5 actual days enhanced to 8 days served.

Court hears that Bluebird has an extensive work record and is very aware of his troubles with alcohol. He says that the 30-day alcohol treatment program he has been to doesn’t work for him and he believes the 6-month program will lead him to success. Further, he expresses intent to want to get help for his issues and return to the work force.

Defence claims that he has a home in Thunder Bay and any significant jail time would put his housing at risk. He has had a home in Thunder Bay since March of 2018. He also states how both of his parents were residential school survivors.


Her Honour, Justice Elaine Burton acknowledges that Bluebird appears and presents himself respectfully and speaks clearly and fluidly. She states that he is clearly a hard worker, he has his high school diploma but is struggling with alcohol.


She acknowledges that he has a criminal record, although it is dated.


Her Honour mentions how Bluebird has some insight into his issues surrounding alcohol appears enthusiastic that he will be able to overcome his alcohol issue.

She takes some time to think about what to give Bluebird as a sentence, and decides that two more days in jail will be sufficient. She also orders him to be on probation for 1 year and urges him to use the help offered by probation to better himself.

Bluebird is escorted back into the courthouse basement where he will wait in his jail cell until he is transported back to the Algoma Bed & Breakfast (Thunder Bay District Jail) where he will wait to be released in two days.


Bluebird still has to handle his outstanding assault charge. He is scheduled for a shot at bail tomorrow in courtroom 104. Should he be granted bail tomorrow, he will have to finish his existing sentence before being released.


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  1. I’ve had drunks removed from behind Arthur St Marketplace no less than 10x this year. Many occasions it is repeat offenders and not once have I witnessed these drunks ever being asked for ID or arrested.. for Christ’s sake they don’t even confiscate or dump the alcohol/mouthwash.

    From my experiences, our police are practically facilitating this by doing bare minimum.. it’s nice to hear a story that holds these drunken losers remotely accountable. I realize our force is stretched unimaginably thin and these aren’t high priority crimes, but i’ll place the importance of a neighbourhood above green space behind a commercial establishment any day. (and both locations are next to rivers..)

    1. @ Gerry G.

      In today’s society, life doesn’t work like that. We have to tip toe around the obvious and pretend we don’t see anything. Otherwise, we’re labeled racists. It’s a double edged sword. If we try and do something to stop it, we’re a racist. If we don’t do anything, they fall into the river a drown – it’s out fault because no one was baby sitting. I find it disgusting that some a$$hole with the IQ of .2 is spray painting banners insinuating the police are putting people in the river.


      I drove to Home Depot last Sunday around 4:30 and had to drive in the other lane because 2 of them were lying on the side of the road. Proud nation, I guess.

  2. @Bubba, totally agree with you. Police are in a shitty position. Arrest them , they are racist. Let them go and people say they aren’t doing their job. Load them in a plane and take them back to their home reserve.

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