Drunk and Passed Out on City Bus = Free Stay in Emergency Room x2


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Ever wonder why the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department is often jam packed? I had a to make a trip due to my own health issues recently and I encountered a rare opportunity where the emergency was jam packed with people in every possible spot, including the seats near the payphone.

Anyways, a REAL Concerned Citizen reached out to us today to tell the city about what had unfolded on a city bus today. We received this anonymous information through our newsroom email at tips@trcctb.com


This citizen reported seeing a male that was completely intoxicated and mumbling. the male then passed out entirely and fell over onto the seat next to him. The alcohol saturated male started snoring quite loudly.

The bus driver was informed of the situation that unfolded and stopped the bus along Fort William Road. After failed attempts to wake the male up, an ambulance was summoned. Superior North EMS paramedics picked up the male and brought him to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, where he will sleep off his buzz on a nice comfortable tax-payer funded bed before he is released later today.

Another citizen reported to us that their city bus was delayed at City Hall due to a similar situation where another alcohol saturated individual became unresponsive and was sent to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre by ambulance. The only difference was the subject was a female.


Cheers to these people for choosing to take a city bus over drinking and driving. Is there a better way to handle individuals when they pass out before making it home to their bed? They both clearly wreaked of alcohol. Our emergency department is overworked as all heck. Leave constructive suggestions in the comments.

When sending us in information anonymously, it is important to include as much details as possible so that we can accurately show the public what has happened. When sending in anonymous submissions, remember that you are telling the story of what you experienced to people that have no clue as to what happened there. The more details the better.

You can email us at tips@trcctb.com which we can respond back to you, which is always helpful so we can ask follow up questions or get more information. But if you want to be anonymous to the point where we don’t even know who you are, you can use our anonymous submission box located at the link below:



5 Replies to “Drunk and Passed Out on City Bus = Free Stay in Emergency Room x2”

  1. Yup. I was at emergency with a loved one this morning at 6:45am. Around 8am a nurse was trying to wake up a guy to explain that he had to leave. That there was nothing wrong with him and that no detox beds were available so he had to wake up and leave his warm comfy bed at the hospital. Something is really wrong here. It’s pretty expensive on my hard working tax paying ass to pay for these idiots to sober up in the fucking hospital. Maybe we need a much bigger detox centre or a jail to put them
    In for public passout drunkenness. I’m not against having a few but seriously, to clog up our hospitals!!??? Ugh

  2. Why do we, as a society, put so much expense and effort into coddling human trash?

    Someone please tell me what the advantage is to saving a chronic alcoholic/drugger hell bent on destroying themselves.

    These aren’t one-off occurrences. It’s a lifestyle for them. It’s only a matter of time before they succeed, so why should we extend the time it takes for them to do it? The longer it takes, the more cost and harm they cause for the rest of us.

    The sooner they flush themselves out of the system, the better for mainstream society..

  3. They should be calling the police on these people for a comfortable stay at the balmoral!! Not to the hospital to waste everyones time

  4. Intoxicated human. Should be given a blanket to sleep on the floor at the hospital.
    It’s better then nothing. Just have a nurse monitor them. Every once in a while.
    If there’s so much drunken people ..that’s getting taken to hospital on daily basis.
    And it’s probably the same people all the time. .
    One big room. Lots of floor space and pillows and blankets.

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