(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A very upsetting incident unfolded yesterday evening in the 200 block of Blucher Ave.

Pina Bober tells us she was walking her dog Molly on a leash when a black pit bull came running towards her dog and bit down on Molly’s neck.


The pit bull would not let go “I started screaming in horror” Bober told TRCCTB.COM in an interview.

It is at this point that neighbours, including Stephen McNally, had come out to help, as well as the lady that owns the pit bull.

The pit bulls owner had ended the attack on Molly and had picked up molly.


Upon McNally’s arrival at the scene, he tells us that he took Molly out of the pit bull owners hands, and walked over to Bober. He said he could feel the heart of the animal faintly beating but could tell the dog was about to die, as her neck was visibly broken.

Lorianna McNally called the Thunder Bay Police Service and Animal Services immediately and tells us that the pit bulls owner called her a “Nosey B***H of a neighbour” for doing so, and not just taking some money.

“The pit bull had Pina’s dogs neck in its mouth and was just thrashing it around, back and forth,” McNally said in an interview with TRCCTB.COM.

Bober tells us that when she got her dog, Molly had taken her last breath, and passed away.

Matt, a neighbour in the area told TRCCTB.COM in an interview that the owner of the pitbull came rushing over to his house, and asked desperately for Matt to “hide my dog”. Matt refused and closed the door in her face.


Furthermore, Matt tells us this isn’t the first incident he believes that this pit bull has been involved in. He tells us that this dog also bit another dog, and a woman’s hand, which resulted in the woman needing stitches.

That incident is alleged to have been settled out of court for $1000.

Bober tells us that Animal Services and the Thunder Bay Police Service arrived shortly after the incident. McNally tells us that the police explained because the incident happened between dog-and-dog, as opposed to dog-and-human, that they cannot do anything about it unless directed by animal services.

Animal Services was seen on location, speaking with the owner of the pit bull, off their property, and did not visibly investigate the pitbull. Bober and McNally tell us that they just had a quick chat before they came to Bober’s residence, where “Luke, officer #6” dropped off three “witness statement” papers and his business card.

Bober tells us that animal services said they are “investigating”, and she was visibly upset as to the need for a longer term investigation, as her dog laid deceased in a box in front of the Animal Services officer.


McNally tells us that the backyard is wide open all the time, which enables the dogs to run out loose, and uncontrolled at any time, which is what happened here. He further tells us that the pit bull owner told him that her 7-year-old son was letting the dog out into the backyard and that the dog had run away on him, ultimately attacking and killing Molly.


Bober also made it abundantly clear, that she and her family are dog lovers, and have worked to rehabilitate and rescue numerous dogs over the years. She does not believe that pit bulls are bad dogs, or that any dog should be put down. She does note that all dogs need to be trained and loved properly, and indicated that the environment of this dog may not be a healthy one.

McNally tells us that himself, Bober, and the neighbourhood are “very concerned” that these aggressive dogs could attack a child next. He tells us that the pit bulls owner “..has three pit bulls, and cannot keep the under control”.

Molly’s leash remains on the bench outside, where it was put after the attack that ended her life.

Below is the contact number “Luke Officer #6” left Bober to contact him at, it would be appreciated if anyone reading this would give “Luke Officer #6” a call, and let him know that this matter needs to be addressed promptly, as there is a neighbourhood of concerned parents worried about when this dog will run loose again, and possibly attack a child next.


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Animal Services: 684-2156 Luke Officer #6



    1. Learn the law. Grandfathered “pit bulls” are legal in Ontario. A dog has to be proven to be a pit bull, an impossible task even with DNA testing, before it can be determined whether its legal or not. That’s why no one enforces that ridiculous law, its a waste of the judicial systems time. And now that the pathetic Liberals are out on their ass the law is going to be repealed (its on Ford’s agenda).

    2. ones alive in 2005 where allowed to live BUT they had to be muzzled in public and harsh penalties would follow if something happened. This pitbull was not muzzled, severe charges are needed because a death resulted!

  1. Far too many people think that owning pits/etc makes them look tough or cool in the eyes of other people. In reality, everyone around them thinks that they’re morons. Its shown over and over that these dogs are potential bombs. With proper training you can lengthen the fuse, but a bomb is a bomb.

    1. It’s not only pits …My dog was attacked n I Thunderbay by a lg dog that went into my daughters yard . My dog was grabbed by the neck and needed 20 stitches . The lg dog was on a retractable leash .

    2. Why don’t you come to my place and visit my “pit bulls” that range in age from 1 to 14 years and have never been involved in an incident you uneducated m***n.

  2. Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act, 2005 — Highlights. … The legislation bans pit bulls in Ontario, places restrictions on existing pit bulls, and toughens the penalties for the owners of any dog that poses a danger to the public. Ontario’s pit bull ban took effect on August 29, 2005.

  3. I think any dog, or Hell even a cat, can suddenly snap one day.

    I remember when I was a kid, I walked out my front door and there was a cat laying in my front yard. I started to walk towards it when suddenly I hear a screeching howl and feel a thump and claws dig into my back. A fricken cat jumped off my porch roof. Right down on to me.
    For some reason this got the cat in my yard all fired up and he came at me as I was fighting to get the one off my back. During the fight I glanced up and noticed another cat on my roof getting ready to pounce down on me. He jumped but I was able to move out of the way before he got me.

    You know you never expect to Walk out your front door and getting jumped by 3 cats.
    A couple days later I heard about another kid getting taken out by 7 cats at the playground. It was like they were recruiting for their cat gang.
    A few weeks later on the way to the corner store, I seen a whole group of them. had to be 20 cats all hanging out together by the dumpster. As soon as I noticed them I crossed the road and took the long way to store.
    For about 2 years I would check the porch roof before stepping foot out of the house.

  4. This makes me sick.I feel sick to my stomach that a dog lover has to watch her beloved animal die right in front of her eyes because some irrsponsible dog owner.Shame on u.My thoughts and prayers r with molly’s family at this very very difficult time.

  5. They should at least make her build a fence. If they can’t do anything else..? If she has the money to keep paying people off… hello!

  6. Well, I cant blame the pit bull. That dog looks like a McNugget!

    but I can blame the owner.

    I wouldn’t blame a gun for committing a crime, it takes a neglectful and/or a malicious owner to commit the crime. Like guns animals need proper care and handling techniques.

    Its a shame Mcnugget suffered such a terrible death and I feel for the owner. Its sad and something needs to be done, especially if this owner is a habitual offender.

  7. All pet owners need to held accountable for the actions of their pets. This woman should be charged for allowing her pitbull to run free and harm other animals and possibly a child and for the death of this poor woman’s dog.

    If you are gonna own a dangerous animal, you better be ready to accept the consequences. This woman is a repeat offender with not taking care of the safety of her neighbour’s pets by not securing her dog… and she has children? What an irresponsible human being!

  8. completely agree with walter, it has nothing to do with it bieng a pitbull, a dog attack could happen from any breed, and the owner should definatly be held acountable, i have a ptbull at home (in the grandfather clause), and he is the sweatest thing ever, kids have always played with him his whole life, hell my kids annoy the hell out of him, he would never hurt any of them,
    this attack that happened could have happened with any breed, i mean look at the size difference, do you not think a german sheppard would have killed this tiny dog aswell? dogs are territorial creatures, the dog probably felt it needed to defend its territory, im not making excuses for the dog, but there is no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners, its all in how they are brought up.. the owner should be the one getting the blame, not all this B.S. talk about pitbulls i mean seriously, ny other time there are dog attacks it doesnt make the news, but as soon as a pitbull is involved they throw it in there to get idiots like bill woods going…

  9. There needs to be assessment training done before dogs are returned to owner…do they have obedience training or not

  10. My condolences go out to the Molly’s family…I am so sorry you had to watch your dog pass away …I sure hope Animal Services does something before this animal strikes again..its obvious a repeat for them …In my opinion that dog should be put down!

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