UPDATE: District Jail Fire, Hospital in “Code Orange”


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Jailhouse sources have tipped us off about a serious incident unfolding at the Thunder Bay District Jail at the time of this article being published.

Sources indicate that a ruckus erupted in the jail which sparked a mattress / blanket fire.


Numerous prisoners are being evacuated due to smoke and a fire that is believed to have been ousted. UPDATE: Once the situation was better assessed, the evacuation was cancelled. A city bus was dispatched to the jail to assist with evacuation efforts, should it have been needed.

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre was in ‘code orange’, as they prepare for numerous patients to be delivered to the facility. This was cancelled once the situation at the jail was better assessed.

Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue along with Superior North EMS have all responded to the north-side jail.


City buses have been sent to the jail in order to assist with the evacuation and transportation of prisoners to the hospital. UPDATE: It appears no prisoners were loaded into the awaiting city bus.

A number of ambulances are also on the scene. A portion of the road beside the jail has been closed to traffic. The roadway was closed due to a firehose being connected to the hydrant located across the street on the side of St. Ignatius High School

Sources indicate that approximately 4 prisoners suffered from some level of smoke inhalation and are being treated.

Below, paramedics can be seen on the scene. Despite false reports by local media, the hospital was in “code orange” for a short period of time, according to sources at the hospital. The ‘code orange’ was cancelled once the jail incident was assessed.

“code orange is external disaster. At least that’s what one of the nurses told me when I was just there. He said they were preparing the emergency room for an influx of inmates who were being shipped there due to smoke inhalation.”

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre issued this statement “A Code Orange (External Disaster) Stage I was activated at our Hospital today at approximately 12:30 pm this afternoon.”

“The Code Orange triggers a response by our Hospital to prepare for high volumes of patients arriving to the Emergency Department.”

“The response by staff and physicians was swift, calm and highly organized. All are to be commended for their expertise and professionalism.”

“As the external situation evolved, the number of patients expected to require Emergency care was significantly reduced and the Code Orange was cleared at 1:00 pm.”

“Today’s incident demonstrates that our Hospital is well prepared to respond to a community disaster,” said Jean Bartkowiak, Hospital President & CEO. “We were ready to accept large numbers of emergency patients with high acuity, and I am extremely proud of the entire Hospital team, and our community partners for the actions taken today.”


Check back for more updates as more information becomes available.



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  1. Board the fucker up and let it burn .How much would the city save in welfare alone. Excuse me welfare is to un PC.. I mean Ontario works. HAHAHA..

    1. Using “Ontario Works” to rebrand welfare is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

      The rest of Ontario “works” to keep these freeloading scammers in booze, dope, cigarrettes and free housing.

  2. How did this turn into a story about the hospital. What about the staff at an already overburdened jail. What about the excellent work of the Correctional Officers that responded and reacted in a professional manner to save lives.

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