Disaster At The Marina: Boat Crashes Into Break Wall


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A disaster is unfolding at the Marina right now, according to witnesses on location.
A boat is believed to have crashed into the break wall. A number of people were rescued but as of the time of writing this article, 1 person is still unaccounted for.
Numerous ambulances and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue vehicles are on location, working hard to sort out this situation. Numerous police vehicles are also swarming the area.
The Coast Guard is expected to respond to the scene.
At least 3 people are seriously injured according to people at the Marina. First Responders were overheard discussing how 3 people were unconscious. There was 6 people on board. 1 person is unaccounted for. (Update below)
UPDATE: All six people were rescued. Alcohol is a factor in the incident. A first responder who spoke on the condition of anonymity told us that after the 6 people were rescued, they were searching for a 7h person in the waters for a brief time. Soon after, they confirmed there wasn’t a 7th person.
This is a developing story, we are working hard to keep you updated.


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  1. Was it a sailboat? Sailboaters regularly get hammered and sail and then drive home!! Disgusting they are allowed to do this just because they are hipsters with $$$

  2. Power boaters are just as bad for drunken driving.
    Sailboaters are probably more into pot
    Sour grapes from a”stinkpotter”

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