Disabled Man Speaks Out About Parking Issue


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Purchased my home with 365 day a year on street parking,would have never moved here if it was not for the ability to park on the street. Have a progressive medical condition,cerebral [brain] degeneration which affects my walking & speaking. Must use a cane or a walker for mobility & as the condition progresses it will be a wheelchair.

2013 – Applied for & received handicap parking zone at my home,bike lanes installed not long after.


2015 – JUNE  Received parking ticket that city cancelled with a letter stating that my handicap parking zone was valid because it was established before the bike lanes were installed.

2019-MAY Received 2 parking tickets that were cancelled by Jon Paske, Parking Authority Supervisor with a hint?,threat?, this isn’t over.I left with the impression of being personally targeted.

2019 – AUGUST  Letter issued by Doug Vincent, city Bylaw & Enforcement Manager. I quote from the letter “due to traffic safety concerns”  I will no longer be able to park in handicap parking zone or anywhere on the my street from May 1st to November 14th.


Aparrently my personal safety  is of no concern to the city. Have been parking in the same spot for 6 years & now it’s a safety concern,its not surprising I feel targeted. Like the sign says city picks on Natives & Disabled, systemic discrimination.

Bottom line is I purchased my home with 365 day a year street parking and now that I am disabled it is even more important and even more so in the future. Is this the way the city treats its disabled citizens?

Another issue that I think citizens should address as a group is if you lose 7 ½ months of street parking because of bike lanes,I would assume  your property value & saleability  goes down and you can only park on the street 4 ½ months of the year, did your taxes go down? City with a giant heart I think not.

– A REAL Concerned Citizen.


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  1. Parking authority breaks city bylaws on regular occasions. Lettering on signs at paid parking lots are under the size of 2” as the bylaw states them to be and if you ever had to pay at the machine for your pass, the scripture on machines are extremely hard to see operation times. I love when the plow or grade the lots in residential sectors at 4:00am. Next time, I call the police. Get your shit together, TBay

  2. They should get rid of bike lanes all together and let us ride on the sidewalks. Trying to squeeze a bicycle lane into a two lane street is more of a safety hazard than anything. You know how easy it is to get clipped by a distracted driver in the bicycle lane? At least the side walk has a curb they would bump into before me. Thats my argument and i never use bike lanes. Stupid things.

    1. Agreed. The bike lanes are a complete fail. They’re poorly planned. When I challenged A.K. at city hall to provide unbiased evidence that people want and use the bike lanes, he was unwilling to do so. A complete disaster and waste of tax dollars. It makes our city look amateur. There was also no campaign to get people to give up driving and start cycling. We have corrupt fat cats at the top protecting their personal interests and hipsters at the bottom pushing metropolitan culture in a small city that’s rife with community problems and pot holes.

  3. Call Aldo Ruberto. He is responsible for this problem He has been pushing these lanes with total disregard of the needs of citizens. Aldo Ruberto needs to be told that we will not have our lives disrupted because of his nonsensical desire for public notoriety. Contact him at city hall until he rectifies this issue.

  4. What does any of this have to do with being Native?
    He had my sympathy until he randomly pulled the race card for no apparent reason.

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