Dead Body on Wiley Street: Suspicious Death


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Residents on Wiley Street are concerned regarding a lasting police presence that has been looming in their neighbourhood.

Shortly after 10:00 am this morning, sources say that police and paramedics responded to a home in the 500 block of Wiley Street.


A dead body was discovered not long before that time.

Police have their forensics unit on location at the moment, investigating the circumstances of the death.

Area residents tell us that the home wasn’t suspected of trafficking drugs or any funny business. The death is not believed to have been natural, according to a source close to the home.


This is a developing story and we will update you as more information becomes available.


35 Replies to “Dead Body on Wiley Street: Suspicious Death”

  1. Considering two murders and two people dying from mysterious causes in only 25 days, I’d be willing to say that Dumpster Bay is reaching new lows.

    When are our leaders going to open their eyes to see the shit storm brewing in this disgusting hell hole? Something tells me that this year the city will experience more murders and violent crimes than ever. In addition, we will once again, be the the embarrassment of the nation.

    Dumpster Bay: Come for the easy welfare Stay for the drugs, alcohol, murder, violence and lawlessness. No wonder the dregs of Canada flock to this toilet.

    1. Rex, You really should look for another place to hang your since you seem so unhappy in Thunder Bay and judging by your racist comments may I suggest an all white community somewhere in Trump land. I am sure that you would be welcomed there.

    2. Laura:

      Once again, pulling the “racist” card when nothing was said about race. That tactic is pretty much worn out by people who have no recourse but to regurgitate the same old same old.

      Thanks for the advice to relocate. I already live away from Dumpster Bay on average 9 months of the year. I only go back when I have to and every time I do, I’m appalled with state of the place.

      You need to get out more often to see the disgusting filth in the downtown cores and all of the lowlife, panhandling, drugged/drunk rabble that have destroyed the town. You can’t sit in your protective little bubble pretending all is well with so much murder, violence and disgusting public behaviour happening every day.

      In case you haven’t noticed, Dumpster Bay has been murder capital of Canada three years running and appears to be off to capturing a fourth. Pull you head out of the sand Laura.

      People need to speak up and protest otherwise this toilet will never be flushed. Get it?

  2. Rex, do you think there could be any chance Dumpster Bay gets saved? What do you think would need to happen here to make the violence cut out? I say it starts with 1) injecting any girl that does drugs besides marijuana with something to make her not be able to have kids 2) smash down Intercity and Victoriaville Center and 3) cut out welfare checks all together. What do you think?

    1. The very first thing to be done is to make welfare far more difficult to get. That’s the bait that’s calling all of the riff-raff to the city.

      Next would be to scrutinize every welfare case and force the able bodied scammers off the dole and put them to work. If they don’t want to work, they can either starve or leave the city.

      Third, anyone using public housing for illegal activity should be kicked out and banned from public housing forever as well a being cut off of welfare. That would help curb some of the trap house activity.

      Those three simple decisions would probably resolve 75% of the issues. But enacting those decisions takes guts.

      Fourth, lobby the federal govt to hold FN leadership accountable for the behaviour of their people. Provide assistance to FN reserves to establish substance abuse clinics and FORCE addicts into detox including the addicts living in urban areas.

      Fifth, build bigger and more jails and find judges and JPs with enough courage to hand down appropriate sentences.

      Sixth, repeal Gladue reports and stop this two tiered justice system..

  3. Just as I’m about to comment, Rex nails it. Anyone preparing to blow their spleen about racism, needs to realize that , technically it’s not racism when it’s backed by truth and based on observations of the reality of the situation. Don’t look to our Mayor for leadership, he’s too busy taking care of his own personal agenda, and those of his wealthy friends. You can’t just lock the gate and bar entry to a specific group of people. It is far too late for Thunder Bay to ever reverse it’s fortunes. It can only continue to get worse, with very little hope of ever improving. As always, we ignore problems, hoping they will go away on their own. There is no longer any choice but to either, put up with it, or leave. Why do you think the population has been stagnant for so long. Sad reality, but unfortunately the truth about what was, at one time not so long ago, a great place to live.

    1. I agree with all of Rex’s suggestions except for the part about building bigger and more jails. The cost to keep individuals in jail is incredibly expensive over 4X more at a 100K + a year as opposed to about 25K a year for adequate housing and services. The problem is too many of the people on the streets and in jails have either mental health issues or substance abuse issues that if treated would mean a gigantic reduction in costs for other resources. And many of them would not be such easy picking for illicit activities. Let the real criminals sit in over crowded jails. What rational reason do they deserve cushy accommodation? If the homeless and those with mental health or substance abuse issues were treated, you can bet the rent that criminal activtites would go down a ton and the use of precious resources like the police and ER and EMS would drop dramatically. But dont hold your breathe waiting for any help for the ones that need it most. They must serve a useful purpose for some that I will not comment anymore on and leave that to your own conclussions.

  4. Hector, The biggest reason people have left Thunder Bay is lack of jobs. I am a relative newcomer to the city but I can recall that there were 3 paper mills, 3 sawmills, several more grain grain elevators than today and Bombardier was a busy place to say nothing of a well funded MTO , MOE ,MNR and other agencies. There has been a rise in employment in education with the Med and Law schools but I am guessing these barely offset the loss of the blue collar jobs that once provided the bulk of the employment.
    Yes I see the drunkeness, drug addicts,panhandling and other bad behaviour in this city on an almost daily basis and I am appalled so I am not blind to the fact that we as a city are in big trouble which is likely to get worse before it ever gets better. I also don’t believe that we as a society can cure this mess by hiring more police, build bigger jails or have tougher judges. . Who is going to pay for all of these so called solutions when there are fewer tax payers to foot the bill. Are we going to give up on road maintenance, snow removal, recreation, health care etc. simply to arrest and incarcerate more people? If we do as Rex suggests and reduce welfare and force people to work where are they going to work when there are few jobs left that don’t require a high level of education? Do we give them a shovel and have them go clear the streets of snow or litter like the prison chain gangs of the Deep South USA. Do we not need to hire more people to watch over the forced labour crews? Do we pay them the $14 minimum wage or a good wage that affords them a way out of poverty? If the forced labour displaces a city worker do we fire the city worker who must also go on welfare? Do we want a society like Haiti , India or the London of Dickens time where the streets are filled with beggars and petty criminals eking out an existence by stealing while we,the privileged, live in comfort but also in fear?
    The problems we are facing in Thunder Bay have existed in the large cities of the US for decades and they haven’t fixed the problems with vast prisons or large police forces so how are we going to? Do the same thing over and ver expecting a different result is insanity.
    The root causes of this mess have been simmering for a long time and the chickens are coming home to roost. I don’t even begin to think that I have the solutions. It’s going to take a much wiser person that me to come up with the answers. I am a firm believer that no one willingly wants to live in squalor or become a street person or a drug addict. Alcohol and drugs are escape mechanism for something much deeper within each person who succumbs to them. The fact that we are in crisis with drugs and alcohol abuse particularly among Indiginous people is particularly troubling since I can recall a time when I admired the Indiginous people in the far north communities where I worked as being the most honest and trustworthy people I had ever known. What happened? I am certain that tsome of the root causes of this transformation lies in colonialism and residential schools. It also lies in the development of the Indian Industry that lines the pockets of the chiefs and councils and white contractors with tax dollars by keeping the vast majority of their own people living in squalor with nothing to do in isolated villages.

    1. “some of the root causes of this transformation lies in colonialism and residential schools”

      How long do you expect FN people to lean on this old, tired, well worn crotch? The more we entertain this lame old excuse, the more they play that card. How many generations need to come and go before they stop crying about the past?

      The FN people in Canada had a cake walk compared to those in the USA. And, compared to those in South America, who suffered fiendish brutality at the hands of the Spanish, they have nothing to whine about. Yet they continue squeeze the goose that lays the golden eggs. Even when broken treaties have been amended and the books balanced, they continue to cry for more. All of their problems are someone else’s responsibility right?

      What excuse do you have for the successful FN peoples on the west coast and southern Ontario? I lived in the south with many FN people and they were civilized, hard working and very successful. One thing they never did was whine about the past. They got up in the morning and went to work like the rest of us.

      Time to stop making excuses for these chronic whiners and put the past behind them wouldn’t you say?

    1. Jimmy, Congatulations on being able to read. You missed your calling. You should be a proof reader for the CJ. Have a nice day.

  5. The residential school issue is wearing rather thin already. During World War One and Two Canada enacted conscription. For those who don’t understand, young men were herded off of the streets, and forced to go to war. Not to school to learn to read and write, but to war. There they witnessed and were forced to commit unspeakable acts of violence and destruction, and IF they survived, were brought back and told, well done, now toddle off and get on with it. I don’t hear of their ancestors whining that, my grandfather was conscripted, so now I want special treatment.

    1. Hector, I totally agree. My ancestors on both sides have fought for the British Empire and Canada in every war since the American Revolution including my Grandfather, two great uncles in WW1 and my father and uncle in WW2. (All volunteered btw ) and all saw action , killed people ,saw the horrors and two were wounded (my grandfather 3 times!) All suffered PTSD and became alcoholic which led to a rather unhappy childhood at times as a result.. Some of us are indeed victims of those wars which may have been the cause of my flirtation with alcohol as well when younger. I still occasionally have nightmares of my experiences growing up. I am not looking for compensation either but I am just trying to offer some possible cause for this unusual preponderance of substance abuse and criminal behaviour among Indiginous people. Something happened in the past fifty years since I lived in the north among them and I am convinced that the Residential Schools are a contributor. When in the northern villages even as a single woman I never bothered even to lock my doors at night but I certainly do now.

    2. Laura:
      “Something happened in the past fifty years since I lived in the north among them”

      I know what happened.

      A) Winter roads and govt funded air travel to and from reserves giving FN people easier access to alcohol and drugs.

      B) Crooked, unaccountable chiefs and band council members squandering govt money and failing fair distribution of funds among band members leaving most of them living in squalor.

      C) A breakdown of control and subsequent lawlessness on reserves allowing drugs and alcohol to destroy their culture and family structures resulting in excess violence, sexual abuse and child abuse. Also resulting in many FAS brain damaged children who cannot adjust to modern society.

      Amenities of modern civilization and corrupt chiefs are major contributing factors for the unbecoming behaviour of FN people.

      Residential schools may have played a role but now they are just an excuse to deflect from the above realities and guys like Alvin Fiddler will flog that dead horse as long as anyone will listen to him.

  6. Rex, I lived for many years in S. ONtario also and interacted with members of several reserves including Walpole Island, Moraviantown and Grand River. One should realize that there experience is much different than those in NW Ontario. They have lived alongside white neighbours for at least 200 years and were in fact refugees from the US arriving shortly after the Revolution in the 1790’s..
    The northern reserves have had little contact with white culture other than HBC clerks and missionaries until very recent times and my mean the 1970’s. Residential schools did not exist in southern Ontario either. Yes the southern natives Mohawks, Delawares and Shawnee are quite successful and have still retained much of their culture. I have not much involvement with the western tribes but I am aware that some groups like those who have land claims in the Vancouver area are doing very well but many of the plains people in Saskatchewan and Alberta are is the same dismal state as those in the north. They also were affected by the Residential School disaster. Children raised in institutions similar to prisons do not often do well as adults. They have been denied the nurturing of a mother and father. This pattern carries on for generations as we are witnessing. .

    1. Actually Laura, there were residential schools in souther Ontario. Located as follows:

      Alnwick Industrial School, Alderville Ont.
      Mount Elgin Residential School, Muncey Ont.
      Mohawk Institute Residential School, Brantford Ont.
      Alexandra Industrial School for Girls Toronto, Ont.

      So, tell us Laura, how many hundreds or thousands of years will it take for the local FN people need to catch up to their cousins in the south?

      I’ll tell you what. If we continue to respond to them like spoiled crying children and keep giving them everything they want every time they whimper, it will never end. Do you understand that?

      There is no excuse for any of the unbecoming behaviour of people who rob liquor, grocery, corner and department stores with virtual impunity.

      There’s no excuse for public intoxication, urination, defacation and fornication.

      There’s no excuse for wanton violence, murder and mistreatment of women and children.

      All of which are far too common in the city. If it were other than FN people doing this, there would be hell to pay.

  7. How come this death and the Cumberland st death aren’t being updated? We’re they over doses? Why aren’t they on the TBNewsWatch. Too much soy, so to speak?

    1. Cops are likely keeping their cards close to their vests. If there’s any chance that one or both of these two deaths are FN, the police will be extremely cautious with their investigations as they should be. They’re under a microscope and cannot afford any more embarrassing exposure.

      If there’s no foul play, these incidents will be left for families and funeral homes to handle. Cops seldom release info about unsuspicious deaths.

      Regarding TB NewsWatch, they only publish what’s approved by certain people of influence. If it’s going to make Dumpster Bay or a certain demographic look bad, they won’t publish it. If you want real news, this is the site. If you want propaganda and mind deadening schlock, got to TBNewsWatch.

    2. Laura: rest assured, nobody cares about your ancestors. I see you on these threads blabbing and blabbing, throwing your opinion out on people expecting them to have the same one. It’s time to pipe down and become a Real Concerned Hi Stander. Leave the posts to Rex and I. Thanks

  8. Who is this REX fella? Sounds like he doesn’t have any financial sense, let alone political analytical poop . Everything a money tag to begin with, whereas: it becomes a different struggle asking for funds, manifest big projects.

  9. Rex, I wondered if you were going to do your homework assignment visa a via the southern Residential Schools. You get a gold star on your forehead, I recall a res. school at Spanish Ontario also They did indeed exist all over Canada. My experience with Indiginous people in S,Ontario and as far north as Baffin Island is that some are bad and most are good similar to any other race. I deplore the bad behaviour also and solutions must be found but it isn’t because they are inherently bad.
    Today is Holcaust Remembrance Day so let’s remember where painting all people with the same brush based on a few bad apples leads to.

    1. Laura:

      It’s best not to try to bullshit your way through an argument when factual information is only a click or two away. Try to learn from that.

      Who’s painting them all with the same brush? I’m calling out the criminal element of FN people. And sadly, on a per capita basis, the margin of criminality among FN people is alarmingly high.

      What you seem to be unaware of is the percentage of crime and disgusting behaviour being carried out by approx. 10% of the population which is comprised of one particular demographic. As I’ve stated all along, 10% of the population in Dumpster Bay carries out 90% of the criminal acts 100% of the time. If it weren’t for the Toronto snakes making their contribution to the crime scene, the above figures would be even slanted more toward the offending demographic.

      You simply can’t continue to make excuses for this unbecoming behaviour. Gladue is the worst god damned thing that happened to these people. It simply enables them to continue in their criminal ways because they have little to fear and this disdain for the law is passed on to subsequent generations. Can’t you see the problem here?

      Stop making excuses for them and hold them accountable for their actions.

  10. Jimmy, I didn’t ask anyone to care about my ancestors and if you read the post it was directed to Hector not you. You, my dear boy, always have the option of reading whatever you want. If you don’t like my posting please feel free to avoid reading them. I won’t be intimidated by you or anyone else.
    To paraphrase Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.”
    To that end NO I won’t leave the comments to just you and Rex or anyone else as long as Pino graciously allows free speech on this site which is something my “ancestors” fought to defend.
    Do you have a problem with that?

    1. Laura:

      I truly welcome your comments and certainly hope you continue to participate in these discussions.

      Dismantling your arguments provides lots of openings to strengthen’s my position.

      We don’t have to agree. However, we should continue to be civil.

      I’m thankful to Pino for allowing truly free discussions.

  11. Rex, “As I’ve stated all along, 10% of the population in Dumpster Bay carries out 90% of the criminal acts 100% of the time. If it weren’t for the Toronto snakes making their contribution to the crime scene, the above figures would be even slanted more toward the offending demographic.”
    Now who is bullshitting who? From what study do you draw theses figures from?
    Yave you calculated the white collar criminal behaviour in this city into your figures.?
    I have a widowed senior woman friend who has a 6 year old SUV. She took it to the local dealer (owned by a white guy of European descent ) for an oil change and was told it needed $4000 worth of work. She came to me in tears. I gave her the name of an independent garage that I trust and the owner told her it didn’t need anything at all ! This behaviour while maybe not legally criminal but certainly should be goes on in this city many times every day and not just by car dealers.
    I also looked in on 90 years old woman suffering from dementia. Her PSW called a plumber to come fix a minor sink leak in the old woman house. I was there when the white man arrived and specifically told him to just fix the leak and no more as the woman was poor and suffered from dementia. After I left the plumber convinced the woman that she needed a water filtration system in the basement and billed her $1200 even though the system wasn’t even hooked up correctly. Is this not criminal in the broad sense of the word? Citizens are routinely conned out of their money by the shysters who operate in this city but are rarely called to account. I know of several cases of people on disability leave with fake injuries who work on the side while collecting benefits. All are white people.
    I am not making excuses for the criminal behaviour of Indiginous people. A crime is a crime and the perpetrator should be punished equally unless there are mitigating factors and unfortunately FAS for which a new born child afflicted through no fault of its own can be a factor? Similarly the Gladue proceedure is not a “get out of jail free” card as many seem to suggest. Anyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to offer mitigating circumstances to justify behaviour. At the end of a trial a guilty person is asked if he has anything to say before the sentence is passed.
    Rex, I do think that we are on the same wavelength in that we are disgusted with what this city has become and I respect your opinions and your right to make them but don’t necessarily agree with them.

    1. Laura:

      You’re proving my point. The instances of criminal activity you mention are the 10% carried out by other than the demographic that carries out the 90%. You ever look at court dockets?

      Go to the courthouse, take a look at the dockets and bring a calculator with you. Do it over a period of several weeks or months. You’ll be surprised with your findings and it won’t be pleasant. Do that then come back tell us who’s bullshitting who?

      Twenty years ago, before we had this influx of undesirables, we didn’t have this much violent crime. Just put two and two together…….

    2. Looking at the dockets won’t give a true sense. Sit in court and listen to how many cases being disposed of have “gladue factors”. Some names are not as clear.

  12. Rex, Unfortunately the “crimes” against the elderly and vulnerable women by telling lies about auto repairs or plumbing jobs etc. are not something that the courts can deal with because they are not criminal except in the eyes of those who are victimized by the crooks who in many cases are considered upstanding businessmen. I also believe that the root cause of the crimes that do go to court including the violent types almost entirely are because of alcohol or drugs. Remove these and the crime rate would go down dramatically. The 10% you wrote off are not inherently bad.

    1. Laura:
      ” The 10% you wrote off are not inherently bad.”

      Maybe so. However, they are inherently drunk/drugged and always breaking the law.

      And I do mean inherently in it’s true sense. Many of these people have brain damage from FAS. Something they inherited from their parents and, unfortunately, will be passing on to their children.

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