(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A strong police presence was felt early this morning, near the Kam River Park.


Thunder Bay Police Service, Superior North EMS, and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue all responded to the scene.


The scene is currently being held by the police, and nobody is allowed to go near. Dock Street is blocked off.

Ontario Provincial Police’s dive team was seen on location.

A source has told us that it is a dead body that was discovered near the banks of the river. The body remains on location and is covered in an orange tarp.


Police are maintaining a heavy presence.

Police have confirmed this was a deceased male found in the river. Thunder Bay Police Media Release below:

Emergency services were dispatched to the area of Dock Street at approximately 8:20 a.m. on September 1, 2018 on report of a citizen locating a body in the Kaministiquia River.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue conducted a water recovery of a deceased male.

Police are holding the scene at this time as it is in the early stages of this investigation.

This investigation is ongoing.

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  1. I believe its time for thunder bay to have monitored surveilance cameras throughout the city
    just a thoight

    1. that’s a tremendously stupid idea.

      what do cameras do? They provide grainy images of the tops of peoples heads, or their hoodies. Then someone has to watch the cameras, and respond to anything that’s happening but that aint gonna happen,

      these marine navigation hazards are completely self inflicted and you and I cant stop them. If you want to help them, then do absolutely nothing, and stop feeding the animals because it only makes things worse.

    2. You’re delusional. What would that accomplish.
      It’s time we called a spade a spade and stopped selling these people alcohol!
      I know, call me a racist. If you people can’t see what’s happening you’re living in a dream world with unicorns.

  2. What people are you talking about “Bubba” and why don’t you use your real name “bubba”? 🐓💩

    1. I’m talking about First Nations, Natives, whatever the politically correct term is these days.
      Are you saying there isn’t a problem there, Tamara? If it’s not a problem, what would you call it?

      Let me guess, I’m a racist for stating FACTS, Right? Well I hate you burst your bubble, but what’s happening down there isn’t my fault. It’s your fault. As long as people like you continue to play the Race card and keep blaming the “Whitey”, this will never end.

      I work with Indigenous people everyday and they’re excellent to be with. In fact, you might even call them friends. These types of people aren’t the issue. The issue is the people that hang around these parts of the city. Call them Natives, Whitey, I don’t care. I do know for a fact the majority of these people have been kicked out of their reserve because they’re not wanted there. THAT, Tamara is FACT.

      Speaking of my name, how do you know my name ISN’T Bubba? Just like you – how the H would I know or even care if your name was Tamara of something else?

    1. actually it appears to me that ki is the ignorant and stupid one here, not bubba.

      people like bubba aren’t afraid to put their finger on the problem and that’s the first step in helping these people. If you want to live in denial and rush to cast blame on those that can clearly see the problem then you wont ever ACHIEVE very much.

    2. Bubba, you didn’t say anything racist. Some people just have intense emotional knee-jerk reactions to discussions on sensitive issues.

  3. Bubba, generalizing an entire race of people as alcoholics is pretty damn racist. Oh, but a few of “them” are your friends and aren’t the problem…so that DOESN’T make you racist. Your logic is flawed. Only Sith deal in absolutes – tagging “a few” as being ok is…so very generous of you.

    The state of Thunder Bay right now is pretty sad, I agree with you there. So much begging, so many people out in public drunk and aggressive. I’ve seen more than Indigenous people in both situations.

    Walter, your opinion is invalid.

    1. How is Bubba being racist? At no point did he generalize the entire race. He is simply pointing out that there is a problem with the aboriginal population when it comes to alcohol relative to other populations. There are, in fact, multiple examples of aboriginal leaders who have debated the merits of alcohol bans on reserves for this very reason. Reliable sources have recorded a disproportionate number of aboriginal alcohol-related deaths, as well as in First Nations vehicle deaths related to alcohol. The theory is that while the Europeans have had centuries to adapt to alcohol and develop social norms, it is relatively new to aboriginal societies and they’ve only been exposed to it for a few generations. This isn’t racist but an acknowledgment of fact. So we can either have a substantive discussion around the real issue here and maybe find some solutions that will help us all to preserve more lives, or we can evade the facts, shift the blame, and sacrifice people’s lives on the altar of political correctness instead.

    2. KI, please point out where I said an entire race are alcoholics!
      Stop being so ignorant to the fact there’s a real problem in this city. Yes, I implied the majority of the issues are with Natives in certain areas. If you can’t see what’s actually happening I blame you and the people like you for the problem. By closing your eyes and calling out everyone who sees the obvious for what it is as racist, you’re only prolonging the issue and in the long run making it worse.
      Open your eyes and brain for once!

  4. aww ki, you hurt my feelings! Im sensitive and you’re playing with my emotions!

    I hope I can recover from this terrible emotional abuse. If not I may commit crimes and turn to excessive drinking. It will be all your fault!

    1. You boys are very immature.
      It looks like you have a lot of growing up to do. I say boys because you’re remarks are can’t be from a grown man. To bad your parents raised such prejudice little disrespectful little boys.
      I’m sure you know who I’m talking to.

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