HIGHWAY COLLISION: Dawson/102 Transport and Ambulance Involved


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another collision on Dawson Road/Highway 102 involving a transport has happened this evening.

The incident has traffic jammed up and motorists performing U-turn maneuvers to get out of the situation. Dawson/102 is completely closed off between Mapleward Road and Townline Road due to the incident.


We have been told the situation unfolded around Gus Wuori road, on Dawson/102. Numerous emergency vehicles were seen rushing towards the incident with their flashing lights blazing.

There is no way to be certain of what has caused the traffic jam, but we have been told the collision was between a transport and an ambulance.. The ambulance was responding to a vehicle roll over when it was struck by the transport. The roadway in question is notorious for collisions.

Two police officers, two paramedics and a firefighter were injured when the ambulance was struck by a transport. The ambulance contained a police officer, the driver of the rolled over tractor trailer at the time. When the transport hit the ambulance it sent it flying, which caused it to injure another police officer and firefighter. Two paramedics also sustained minor injuries.


A 43-year-old Port Coquitlam B.C. man has been charged with Careless Driving.

“Tonight while attending to a single vehicle roll over on HWY 102 an ambulance was struck by a passing transport. Five emergency personnel are being assessed for what appear to be minor physical injuries.

We are thankful this did not result in more severe injuries.

We want to remind everyone that when road conditions deteriorate you must reduce your speed appropriately.

Also, we want to make it abundantly clear that when an emergency vehicle is pulled over or sitting anywhere on the roadway with emergency systems activated it is the law to slow down and pull over.

Our people want to go home at the end of their shift, please do your part to make sure they do.” – SNAPP

Please avoid the area if at all possible, as traffic is crawling at this present time. Injuries are unknown at this time.

Anyone with more information or pictures is asked to email us at tips@trcctb.com so that we can update the public.


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  1. They decided to detour everyone up townline road at first. Bad move, transports can’t make the big hill by government rd, traffic is backed up on townline. Opp now has 102 blocked off at sistonens corner.

    1. have to update my previous report of 7 to 8 transport crashes in last 5 months, TWO last night! Multiple responders hurt, lucky none killed. ENOUGH of this BS!!! SICK of this S!!!!

  2. No room for anything on that goat trail…not even shoulders…just a badly designed highway and the trucks should be using the Trans Canada anyways.

  3. It’s a highway… what about crashes on 11 or 17 or 11/17 they don’t mean anything? There’s been two wrecks at terry fox in a month! Better not let trucks on that part of highway either… or the Upsala stretch there’s always wrecks there! Might as well just not let trucks on any highway! Get real ppl this is gonna happen on every highway! Now everyone wants to put thousands of trucks on 11/17 through the city with more passenger vehicles! Lol you all think that’s gonna solve the accidents? Nope it’s gonna cause more! 👍

    1. The difference is 102 is littered with residential properties, school busses stopping for kids, and lots of local traffic. Unlike the other parts of 11/17 that will have them rolling over into the bush or hitting trees instead of someone’s front yard or living room.

    2. 7 transport crashes on 102 since Sept, 0 on 11/17 KB route! It’s not about the other areas of the TransCanada just our area. Those 1000s of truck go through hundreds of cities and town with no problems because speeds are slower. 102 needs to be put back to 80 like it was pre 1979. All the trucks go through Dryden daily, hear about crashes? NOPE, because it’s the TransCanada, designed for it not like secondary cattle track 102, it was made for main feeder to the side roads in the area NOT for Canada wide transport use. Look it up!

    3. Highway 11 is brutal from hearst to 17 I have had so many close calls by transports that pass on blind corners. They ride on your bumper and when weather is bad they don’t care

  4. What would we do if we had the 400 series… there’s a wreck everyday and it usually involves multiple trucks and I don’t see them taking trucks off of it LOL

  5. I think its pretty obvious to all but the NIMBY crowd. Hwy 102 is a “King’s Highway” and thus is approved for intercity traffic (ie, the “through traffic”). If current road maintenance adherence and/or current driver’s abilities is too low and is creating a hazard at the posted speed limit (+10 k of course), then either fix the issues or petition the province to reduce the speed. The city can do its part inside the city limits as well. Alternatively, petition the province to remove it from the King’s highway family and make it a city road and townships road with weight limits.
    This bylaw approach isn’t going to work.

    1. …oh bylaw will and it’s going to work. Get the speeds reduced by 10 in all the affected areas,102,expressway and up to KB…solved.

  6. Maybe they should find some qualified truck drivers. If not how about the police enforcing some of the traffic laws. Highways don’t cause accidents, incompetence sure does.

  7. A good reason to upgrade hwy 102 and designate it as the primary trucking route. Doing so would force the majority of trucks away and around the city much like a bypass does since 102 has little residential development unlike Kam and Arthur St.

    1. It would cost a small fortune. Houses close to the road that have been there since the 1940s would need to be bought and torn down, rock cuts improved…it’s hilly past Mapleward Road…Since the government has been chintzy about improving even the “expressway,” why would they pour the billions needed into such a project?

  8. It’s not the highways, its the Truck drivers. These drivers today are just awful in the way they drive. The skill level is below average.

  9. This actually happened just east of Law Road, not Gus Wuori. If you look at the above map, you’ll notice just to the east of where you marked it, the road curves about a kilometer west of Mapleward Road. Law Road intersects on the curve, and there are quite a few driveways. These are all blind intersections for oncoming traffic. In defense of the trucker who hit the ambulance, I’d bet there were not enough warnings of trouble ahead …he rounded that bend and hit them.

    I can walk to Law Road in minutes, and there were no flares or warnings in front of our house that night. They were placing them up the next day, however; I’d imagine they were extricating that rig in the ditch…it was still there the this morning.

  10. There’s no accidents on 11/17 through in because the trucks don’t use it you smart person 🙂 wait till they all use it and see how many there are on it

  11. If this road is such a donkey trail, maybe the speed limit should be reduced to 60km/h and enforced! Everyone that travels 102 needs to SLOW DOWN and STOP TAIL GATING! This goes for the trucks and the smaller vehicles! There should be a minimum of at least 2 seconds between all vehicles travelling on the road! The MTO will crush the city bylaw if it is put into force as this is a provincial highway!

    1. Thats what I keep thinking… this “bylaw” will not stand. Either the province or a national trucking group will fight it. Like it or not, HWY-102 is a Kings (or Primary) highway. This whole “Trans-Canada” thing is just a Route. Like the Lake Superior Circle Route etc. It does not denote a truck path, they may follow any load-rated route. Being a Kings Highway, 102 does fit the bill for truck traffic. Im not suggested it’s a good highway. Maybe people should petition the province to get it removed from the highway list. Of course, then the city and townships would have to assume the costs of operating it, so good luck getting councils to agree to take on more costs !

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