(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Reports are hitting our newsdesk regarding a batch of “China White” that is now being sold throughout Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas.

The drug has been available in Thunder Bay for quite some time, in small amounts once in a while, but we are hearing that a large batch is here, and it will be readily available across the city for the foreseeable future.


Overdoses can be expected to rise above what we are used to with this powerful opiate now all over the streets of Thunder Bay.

What is “China White” ?

“China White” is yet another form of heroin and is being mixed with fentanyl locally. It is very potent, and the high lasts longer than regular fentanyl. It causes users the regular symptoms of opiate use such as itching, nausea, and potentially serious respiratory depression.

This form of heroin/fentanyl is often mixed into other drugs to increase their potency and keep drug users returning to that dealer. Drugs that it is mixed with is cocaine, heroin, and it’s even made into fraudulent prescription pills, such as fake percocets and oxy’s.


We have been told about 1 death recently that was from “China White”, but due to the nature of medical records/information being private, we cannot confirm it at this point.

If you or anyone you know is going to use any drugs, please reach out to your local pharmacist and ask for your free naloxone kit. They will also train you on how to administer the drug.

Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opiate overdose. If you are going to do drugs, please be sure to have a buddy with you, and take your doses at different times, so that the other person can be coherent enough to administer naloxone and call 911 if an overdose happens.

Naloxone may only keep the overdose victim alive long enough for paramedics to continue fighting for the victim’s survival. Please be sure to call 911 when any overdose occurs to ensure your friend stays alive.

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  1. This drug is also known to come through our postal service direct from China through the mail. Our free trade agreement with China should include more due diligence on China’s part to stop packages of drugs being sent here. Something Trudeau should be discussing with Canadian.s Too bad we receive enough others items made in China already that China white can easily sneak past our border service.

  2. It’s nothing to do with living by the sword you ignorant prick.? do you think that addicts want to be addicts.yes some do..But most of the heroin addicts I know wish the had never came into contact with heroin? I’ve known lott whose got clean only to end up addicted again &again&again .re/habs..jail? Moving areas,support networks.are all failing…does an young man with pint think he’ll end up with liver disease. Or does a person who is incapable of caring for them selfs.by smoking.or eating.or driving fast cars..All addictions..in the 80s/9Os drugs were booming.raves,Es. So its not a case of live by the sword at all…addicts become addicts for lots of different reasons..Some use drugs to cope with serious abuse.or trauma inflicted on the lives..by the times a serious addict realises the nead help by that time the probs burnt all there bridges.or embarrassed..live by the sword is what someone says whose a warrior. Not someone whose went blindly down the road of drugs.but that’s just my opinion eh.

    1. My wife’s grandma was a nurse for 45 years. Volunteered at churches, bingos, parades. Upstanding wonderful person. 3 years ago broke her leg. Started off on icy from doc. 2 hrs later was buying pills from other seniors in her building. Last year was caught trying to buy street drugs. Yes she’s an addict same as the people with mental illness who can’t get proper treatment so self medicate. Same as the people trying to escape traumas. Same as kids who tried something once and were hooked from the get go. DRUGS LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Judging addicts and assuming they’re all wastes of space and bad people who don’t care is not only ignorant, it’s just plain WRONG.

  3. Talk about him being an ignorant prick…look in the mirror buddy..you are ignorant to the fact that drug users chose that path…Regardless what trauma some went thru there is always help for those that want to be helped..what your saying its ok for drug users to inflict possible death upon themselves because they were traumatized..No its not ok..reach out and help them instead of encouraging them to feel better with drugs…your statement was to attack someone thats against drug users…i stress again help them dont encourage drug forms to be a go-to for relief from trauna…hope you have a goid day!

  4. Do the crime do the time. Keep up the great work tbay police,opp and our courts.kicking ass taking no numbers.Thunderbay is pulling for yous and holding our breath and prayers .

  5. Drugs are guns..plain n simple..its time to start charging drug dealers with life sentences..if a person can be legally liable charged for serving last call to a impaired driving who motor vehicle injured mamed or sadly killed

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