Crack Sale 50% Off – Landlord Frustrated With Crack Dealer


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A south side landlord is fed up with an alleged crack dealer living upstairs in one of his Simpson Street building. He tells us in an interview that other tenants in his building are fearful and upset with the drug trafficking activity.

Norm Staal tells us that he had enough when one of his tenants came downstairs to speak with him and was crying in desperation over the situation happening upstairs. He tells us that the trafficking is non-stop, all night and day.


Staal tells us that people have been found dead nearby and he’s pretty sure that they got the drugs from the alleged crack dealer living upstairs. When he asked police why the crack dealer wasn’t getting charged for the death, he says the police told him that the person who had died had medical problems anyways. Staal was not impressed, and is demanding that something be done to clean up the city of the rampant drug dealing.

Staal says that he is unimpressed with the choice of Police Chief, and claims that Hauth has been on the force for so many years yet hasn’t had a hand in changing Thunder Bay for the better. He believes someone else should have been picked.

Staal is putting his faith in our new mayor and city council in hopes they do something to fix the drug dealing and various other crimes. He says that overdoses, crime and drug dealing has run rampant in town. Nothing significant is being done to reverse these issues Staal said.


The sign put up today by Staal is to let the drug dealing tenant know he is not welcomed, and needs to leave, said Staal. The neighbourhood has gone down hill and only continues to fall with current non-action. Staal says that he has reported the drug dealing activity for quite some time to the Thunder Bay Police Service, but nothing has been done as of yet.

Staal wants change.


11 Replies to “Crack Sale 50% Off – Landlord Frustrated With Crack Dealer”

  1. Honestly, the tenants have more rights than the landlord does in this case.
    What can be done? an eviction notice? sure, but then crack shack chris doesnt have to leave for 2 months then – even if it says immediately. Nothing can be done for 2 months.
    And then what? Crack head Chris hosts his twoonie Tuesday special, and the scumbags destroy whatever is left of the apartment.
    Its a lose, lose for the landlord unless the police step in and deem the apartment a public nuisance ( Which it sounds like it is because it is affecting other tenants in close proximity)

  2. When he asked police why the crack dealer wasn’t getting charged for the death, he says the police told him that the person who had died had medical problems anyways.

    If anyone believes this load of S**t, I have some beautiful lake front property I’m giving away on Simpson street for free. Any Landlord with half a brain knows they can evict a tenant for illegal activity (drugs). You can evict someone if they’re making the other tenants life miserable too. That’s why this story sounds fishy.

    1. Scum lord. Some people don’t care as long as they have the $ in their pockets. We have one bad one that I know of in Fort Frances

  3. If the landlord knows that this individual is a drug dealer, and likely paying his rent with the proceeds of his criminal activities, and the landlord is using these monies to pay the mortgage and/or property tax, wouldn’t this subject the property to asset forfeiture laws? Hmmmm.

  4. Every city has its skid row and you just happen to be on one. Where abouts is this place is it near the new Newfies? The Addy? Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world without drug dealers. You are a good landlord for trying to get them out of there so your other tenants can feel safe. Police should be giving you support.

  5. wow man, I feel your pain, this city does nothing to target this problem. Sometimes things need to be taken into our own hands. good on you brother

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