Cozy’s Towing Gets Burned by Eagle Heights Transportation


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A small and local towing company got burned when they responded to a call in Upsala, Ontario, only to get told upon arrival to basically take off and that they were not needed anymore.

The company says that they typically require a credit card number before responding to out-of-town calls. Upon attempting to process the bill racked up for this call, the card was declined.


Cozy’s sent out two heavy-duty trucks from Thunder Bay to help people in Upsala. This trip had to be paid out of the small business pockets. Expenses included fuel, wages, answering services and insurance.

The company called Cozy’s for services, “Eagle Heights Transportation Inc.” had a transport that they said needed to be towed. It appears that Eagle Heights has sunk to new lows.

Further, Cozy’s is saying that Eagle Heights is not above flat out refusing to pay them for their time and resources spent responding to their call for help.


Cozy’s would like all other companies, towing and other local businesses to be advised of what has happened and to consider who they do business with.

Eagle Heights Transportation Inc is on Facebook. Their Facebook says they are based out of Mississauga Ontario. Their phone number is 1-905-430-9712. Please, consider leaving your thoughts on their page.


7 Replies to “Cozy’s Towing Gets Burned by Eagle Heights Transportation”

  1. its about time somebody burned a ‘Towing Company’ in thunder bay, have no sympathy for them whatsoever – they have a license to steal, impound + charge ridiculous rates for storage or just by answering a call from police or parking lots etc + i have no sympathy for people who are getting richer daily based on their special association or secret deals with the powers that be – you call your CAA or whatever Club FREE Tow, but if the police summoned Tow shows up first its like $385 + ransom to retrieve your property overnight

    1. Emergency Response is very different than basic tow rates. The City of Thunder Bay sets the rates, you have an issue, you need to take it up with them. Every towing company in the city charges the same rate for Emergency Response. They also ensure they are on scene within 20 minutes bumping everyone else in line to assist in the emergency. You are also entitled to call your own towing company but you have to tell the police you want to use that right.

  2. What comes around, goes around. You continue to rip local people off for simple tows and especially storage, then reap what you sew. Eagleheights, might just be owned by a former Tbay resident who “burned” by Cozy Corners at one time..

  3. Cozy got burned, wah wah wah, they damage vehicles when towing them and then refuse to come good for it. Zero sympathy here.

  4. I am not familiar with cozy personally but the insurance company’s rape towing companies daily. They charge them unheard of insurance for their businesses and continually think they can negotiate the bill for services after the fact. They leave our vehicles in the towing compounds for weeks without contacting the towing companies and settling the bill as quick as possible. Tow trucks aren’t cheap to buy or maintain. If you get caught for impaired driving ,any amount of money to get your vehicle back isn’t going to cover the unthinkable if you had killed someone driving around drunk. Look at the big picture. No small business should get ripped off by anyone.

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