CORONAVIRUS: S.O. Gang Members Coming in HOT


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A massive majority of the currently confirmed cases of the dreaded Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 are in southern Ontario, the same places that many gangsters that are selling drugs up here, come from.

The gang members, as we reported previously, come up here in shifts. Some stay for a short time like a week or so, some for a month at a time, others do the long haul. They have their mules that will bring up a kilo of cocaine or a half pound to a pound of fentanyl at a time. Once up here, the cocaine is often cooked into crack and sold on the streets.


Currently, at the time of this article being published, Thunder Bay is surging with the amount of gang members in town. They ship up extra men before the 20th of eevery month and keep them here until roughly the 4th of the following month. This behaviour is a natural and expected response to the increase in spending on drugs that comes with child tax on the 20th, and Ontario Works / ODSP at the start of the month.

People who frequent the trap houses these gang members work out of or are associated with, may very well be where a massive outbreak occurs. It’s typical for 50 or more people to visit an established trap house in a single day.

Those 50 or so people will often bring the drugs they grabbed back to the group of people they were with, and sit around and do drugs for a few hours together. It’s not unrealistic for then these groups to split up and go and do other things. “Social distancing” is not at the forefront of these peoples thoughts, getting their next fix of drugs is.


Should some of these people begin to show symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, it’s possible some if not most of them would confuse the symptoms for being “dope sick”, or in layman’s terms, “withdrawing off drugs”.

Be smart, encourage your friends to purchase their drugs from local drug dealers who they believe doesn’t deal with out of town gangs. Preferably one that has their drugs mailed in so that they haven’t been in contact with someone who’s been travelling.


3 Replies to “CORONAVIRUS: S.O. Gang Members Coming in HOT”

  1. I say let them all die. The problem is that these slime bags will indirectly infect many of us before they do.

    Wherever these filthy animals go, they’ll leave a trail of infection behind them. Liqour stores, grocery store, corner stores, bars etc. They’ll be leaving their greasy , invisible, virus infection for innocent people to pick up. Elderly, children, it won’t matter. The virus doesn’t discriminate.

    Nothing like lowlife drug dealing thugs killing people with their products. Now they’ll also be doing it with their diseases.

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