Coronavirus Already in Thunder Bay?


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A woman reported the following situation her and her significant other is currently going through. Read the following:

“This is a post that is important for all to read right now. I guess my focus is for those that are not taking this current situation seriously about coronavirus to change your perspective and protect your family and our society. This picture is from a walk Robin and I took on Sunday at our cottage. Today he is bed ridden and so sick with a presumptive case of coronavirus.

This is a serious and scary disease. Here is our story. Robin traveled to thunder bay Monday for work last week through the Toronto airport and got back Wednesday. He got a sore throat friday night, dry cough started sat night, headaches started sunday and fever last night. He has gone down hill so quickly. This morning he woke up and could barely get out of bed.

I took him to our local hospital (we are up north). The doctor did a full assessment over phone as we stayed in the car in parking lot. The doctor came out in full suit. After his full assessment he diagnosed him with coronavirus and has put that in his medical file (called a presumptive case). He has all the symptoms and progression of the desease. They only have 8 testing kits at the hospital and save those for people in respiratory distress that need to be admitted to hospital.

We need to monitor him and his breathing. It is in his lungs now which is so frightening. This is an aggressive disease. Robin is 46 years old, healthy, strong and never gets sick. He is isolated in his room and we are up north. The good news is he hasnt seen anyone but us since Saturday and Rhys is back in Guelph and was not exposed. The bad news is the next few days will be critical for Robin. Also for my mom, Zachary and myself. We are all isolated for the next 14 days. We have lots of food and an amazing neighbour down the street.

This is serious and scary. I am so deeply grateful for the amazing doctor who took care of us and for all the doctors, nurses and medical staff in the world who are working tirelessly right now. This is a key time for our world. We need to all take this seriously, following the recommendations of the doctors etc and protect eachother. For the young people in my life who are reading this that I love….take this seriously. Please. 💜”

The question begs to be asked, where did this man eat, shop, or otherwise be while he was in Thunder Bay? Why has the Health Unit not informed us of this? Why are we being kept in the dark? What other questions should I be asking?


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